Get to Know West Papua’s Traditional Tribal Weapons   Meta description: Renowned for its traditional culture, there are a lot of traditional weapons from West Papua that should be preserved. What are those weapons? Slug: west-papua’s-traditional-tribal-weapons   Background As scary as some […]


Thousand Feet House: West Papua’s Unique Traditional House

Meta description: Like other regions in Indonesia, West Papua has its own traditional house, commonly known as the Thousand Feet House. Find out what the house is here! Slug: thousand-feet-house-west-papua’s-traditional-house   Overview Traditionally, Indonesia […]


Mangrove Rehabilitation Empowers West Papua National Economic Recovery

Slug: mangrove-rehabilitation-program-in-west-papua×958/750×500/data/photo/2021/10/05/615be663b484d.jpg   Meta: The West Papua Mangrove Rehabilitation Program Is One Way To Utilize Mangroves, Prevent Mangrove Damage, And Empower National Economic Recovery. Did you know that West Papua has Indonesia’s largest mangrove […]