3 Important Preparations Before Your Flights to West Papua Indonesia

Flights to West Papua Indonesia

Is it your first-time taking flights to West Papua Indonesia? You must be busy checking all the preparation needed. The first experience on an airplane can be exciting but also stressful.

The constant worry about essential documents, insufficient preparation, and the danger of taking a flight can put someone on edge. Yet, it is alright. We have some tips that can increase your comfort on flights.

3 Important Preparations Before Your Flights to West Papua Indonesia

There is some preparation you should do before fleeing to West Papua. Below is the list you can follow:

1. Research the Information Necessary for Your Trip

Before you book a flight to West Papua, it is of the utmost importance to research all the information needed for the trip. If you book a travel package, you can check on the accommodation provided by the service provider.

In addition, you can familiarize yourself with the surrounding areas of your destination. First, make sure you know the details of your travel flight and budget. Then, get a printed or online map of your destination.

After that, you can look up information about the West Papua currency and the exchange rate. Following this is searching for the best time to visit the province. Ask yourself these questions: what is the climate of the region? What is the weather like during your travel? What kind of gear and attire should you bring to the area?

West Papua is a region prone to earthquakes. Hence, you can prepare some emergency contacts in your phone and travel note. If possible, contact your country’s embassy before planning out your schedule in case of a natural disaster happening. After completing all these, you can start to schedule your trip, such as the destinations you want to visit.

2. Check and Get Your Documents

Do not forget your identification card, visa, and passport for your flights to West Papua Indonesia. Without the two of them, you will not be able to go anywhere. Thus, make sure you carry them in your travel pouch or bag before going to the airport. It is best if the documents are within your reach.

In case you are quite a clumsy person, you can prepare a copy of each document and place it in your bag. If you do not yet have a visa, you can get the document done before your flight to West Papua because foreign nationals need a visa to enter Indonesia.

You do not have to do a PCR test if you have taken 3 shots of vaccines. However, you will be required to download and register to PeduliLindungi mobile application to track and check the status of Covid-19.

3. Packing Your Check-In Bags and Other Essentials

Before packing your check-in bags, you must search for the airline’s regulations about bags and items. Some airlines in Indonesia have a maximum weight and size regulation for bags in cargo and carry-on bags.

If you store too many things in your bag, you will need to reduce the weight or pay an additional fee. Pack your stuff nights before the flight so that you will not be in a rush and end up forgetting some things.

Now, before going to the airport, double-check your necessary essentials. Do you know the location of your passport, visa, and identification cards? How about your travel kit? Do you bring the necessary medications? Have you charged your phone and prepared your emergency contacts?

Write everything down to ensure that you do not forget anything. Also, you can create an itinerary for your trip and list all the stuff required in a day or week.

Well, your flights to West Papua Indonesia should be a fantastic experience for you. That is why you can do the mentioned 3 necessary preparation before and during your flight. Also, do not forget to have enough budget!