3 Unique Papuan Tribes Cultures That Many People Rarely Know

Papuan Tribes Cultures

Papuan Tribes Cultures

Unlike many other islands in Indonesia, Papua has so many tribes that scatter around their region. Those groups have different Papuan tribes cultures that will give some eye-opening for some people. Especially for those still strange with their culture, people from foreign countries, or other parts of Indonesia.

In this article, we will learn more about three different tribes in Papua. Those five tribes are still unknown to some people. Hence, it is time to learn more about them, and it is better not to skip this article!

3 Different Papuan Tribes Culture

To understand Papua, you can start by learning about one of their tribes. Here are three different tribes that you could read.

●      Dani Tribe

The Dani tribe usually lives in the high central part of Papua island. Before modern colonization, the tribe lived isolated from the world. They would grow crops and also raise pigs for food.

Nowadays, the tribe lives more modern than before. They live in the central mountain, small villages, or mountain slopes. Their everyday activities are farming.

The men and women will sleep in different places. Their huts are called the Honai. During the first year of the baby’s born in this tribe, the women will focus on raising the kid so they will grow up healthy.

Polygamy is still a thing in this tribe. The Dani men can marry as many as they can afford. They must give 4 to 5 pigs to the woman’s father if they want to marry.

Pig is used in many cultures—activities in this tribe. From weddings, funerals, or other essential events, The Dani tribe’s social status relies on the number of women and pigs.

The Dani tribe usually fought for their territory. This fight is generally between villages or other tribes. The Dani is always known for its fame as the headhunting in Papuan tribes cultures.

●    Korowai Tribe

Korowai has a pretty small population in Papua, which is about 3,000 people only. They live remotely on this island. The traditional house is called Rumah Tinggi. As the name goes, the house is usually placed at a high location. Some of it may even reach a height of about 50 meters.

They lived in the forest hundreds of kilometers away from the sea. Their house is usually divided into several rooms, with men and women living separately. Each room always has fireplaces in it.

Before modern civilization, the Korowai tribe relied on gathering food and hunting for some animals as the source of their food. Nowadays, they work for tourism as drivers or boat tour guides. Many of them also attend university.

●    Muyu Tribe

The next tribe is the Muyu tribe. The Muyu tribe fulfills its needs by hunting, breeding pigs, and farming crops. The Muyu tribe has a traditional house called the Rumah Panggung.

However, it is different from other Rumah Panggung. Muyu’s Rumah Panggung is usually placed about four to six meters above the ground. Different from the others who only set two meters high above the feet.

The Muyu tribe believes in the supreme power behind creating natural creatures and locations, such as animals, plants, and rivers. They lived in a small group with no leader for the larger groups. This tribe is relatively unknown to society.


There are more than five Papuan tribes cultures in these regions. Furthermore, there are more than 300 different tribes in this place. However, knowing five is better than knowing none at all. Therefore, this article is for some people to learn about their culture better.