4 Breathtaking Landscapes You Can Capture on Arborek Island

Arborek Island

Arborek Island

Arborek Island is tiny yet gains massive popularity as a tourism village. Most people who go to Raja Ampat also arrange a trip to pay a visit to this place. Though it is not a must destination, you sure will miss out some natural beauty offered by the island. 

The island of 7 hectares is located in the Meosmansar district, Raja Ampat, West Papua. It is a home to approximately 80 families with Biak Tribe as the majority. Most residents earn their keep depending on the marine ecosystem as fishermen. Others work as tour guides, woven craftwomen, and innkeepers to support the village as a tourist destination.

As a pioneer in tourism, the island’s village has certain compelling attractiveness, for instances the conservation zone for Manta Rays and the habitat for various fishes and corals. The local community is also famous for their hospitality and amiability toward visitors. If you want to know more about the breathtaking landscapes of the island, check the following list of our picks.

4 Breathtaking Landscapes on Arborek Island

  1. Underwater Paradise

As mentioned before, the popularity of Arborek’s marine life has been widespread throughout the country and abroad. It is not surprising bacause the people carries a tight regulation to always preserve the beauty and cleanness. To enjoy this underwater paradise, you can go for diving or snorkeling.

The village provides some local guides to lead and assist either activity. To take a dive, however, you must have some basic knowledge about it. Due to the unpredictable current, it might be a challenge for those who do not have prior knowledge. Yet, you can still enjoy the underwater beauty by snorkeling within the safe area on the ocean. 

  1. Tugu Injil

Tugu Injil (Gospel Monument), also known as Tugu Injil Marthen Mambraku, was built on the 4th day of November in 2017 by the local residents. It is located near the village’s church in Arborek Island. This monument has become the icon of the Arborek village.

The establisment shows the people’s recognition for the early period of the preaching of the Bible in the village. The time was around the 1936. The name Marthen Mambraku was taken from the first Bible teacher of the village. 

  1. Arborek’s Jetty

You will not regret taking a leisure walk around the Arborek’s Jetty. The clear water ocean presents a breathtaking sight of colorful coral reefs and schools of small fishes. With the wide bluish ocean as the background, it is an awesome spot to capture some moments alone or with your companions. 

Some children also like to play or swim near the area when you go to the jetty. If you want, you can converse and play together with them while waiting for the sunset.

  1. The Whole Island

Belive it or not, the whole island of Arborek offers many wonderful views. Since it is small, the walk only takes 30 minutes of your time. Starting from roaming around the beach, you can feel the fresh brezee and see the spotless white sand surrounding the island. Taking a walk on every corner of your chosen homestay will give you the scene of underwater charm.

Next, you can go sightseeing and checking the souvenir. The selasar (hall) of the village is a meeting point for older women to craft the village’s souvenir. You can learn how to craft directly from them through taking a class or buy the typical, authentic woven souvenir from Arborek. 

Even though the size is tiny, Arborek Island could present many breathtaking landscapes to the visitors. Whether it is a natural or manmade sight, you will never be bored staying for days in the village. Do not forget to capture and appreciate every moment of your stay.