4 Magnificent Natural Wonders in West Papua You Have to Visit

4 Magnificent Natural Wonders in West Papua You Have to Visit

Famous for its title as “Heaven on Earth”, West Papua or Papua undoubtedly offers breathtaking nature. From beaches to the mountain range, Papua has it all. So, are you interested to visit Papua? Add these places to your itinerary. You will have an unforgettable experience by going to these places in Papua.

Tourist Attractions You Need to Visit in Papua

1. Puncak Jaya (Mount Jayawijaya)

If you are keen on hiking or love the mountain, this natural attraction is the best fit for you. Puncak Jaya or Mount Jayawijaya is located in the Sudirman range. Puncak Jaya is the highest mountain peak in the area of Indonesia and Oceania. The mountain also falls into the category of one of the seven summits.

It takes generally 5 days of hiking to get on to the peak of mount Jayawijaya through the rainforest. Inside the rainforest, you will find rainfall that can wipe off your weariness for a second.  Luckily, it rarely rains in Jayawijaya. If you are intrigued to have this experience you need to be physically and mentally prepared since it is not an easy hike.

Frankly, at the moment, the peak of Puncak Jaya of West Papua is still covered in ice. Unfortunately, the glaciers in the hillsides are reported to have melted away. At the same time, the surface of the Mountain is all hard rock. Thus, you need to fly over the mountain range from Timika with a small aircraft to get into the basecamp.

2. Lorentz National Park

Lorentz National Park is located in the region of Jayawijaya Regency, Mimika regency, Asmat regency, Yahukimo regency, and Puncak Jaya regency. With an area of approximately 25.000 Km2, Lorentz National Park becomes the largest national park in Southeast Asia.

A large-scale mining operation is active around the area of the national park. There is also the Lorentz National Park Conservation Project managed by the locals for the conservation of the municipal and ecological heritage that lies around the Lorents National Park.

The Lorentz National Parks offer the beauty of its nature as it has high biodiversity and is supported by an amazing cultural diversity. The types of animals that have been identified consist of 630 birds and 123 mammals. Unfortunately, the facilities for the visitors are still very limited since it was designated not too long ago.

To get here, the transportation access is still quite complicated. You need to fly to the northern part of the region from Timika with small aircraft, and then ride a ship to the port of Sawa Erma continued on foot to several locations. From Wamena, you need to ride a car to Lake Habema and finally, you just need to walk to Trikora Peak.

3. Harlem Beach

Papua is well known for its wonderful nautical attractions. Harlem beach is one of the stunning beaches located in Jayapura. The pristine and exquisite nature emblazoning Harlem beach is immaculate. For those reasons many tourists call Harlem beach “the little heaven of Jayapura”.

Not many people have visited Harlem beach since it is located in a slightly isolated place. You will see an exceptional blue and greenish gradation of clear water. The beautiful scenery of the ocean and the sound of small waves are relaxing to hear, perfect for calming our mind from a stressful day.

The nature of West Papua never disappoints tourists. Asides from enjoying the imposing view of the clear blue ocean, there are many activities that you can do here. You can spend your time fishing, snorkeling, diving, and even building a sandcastle on the beach. You need to rent a boat from Sentani since it is only accessible by Sea.

4. Wafsarak Waterfall

Wafsarak waterfall or Arsa waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Papua. You can find Wafsarak waterfall in Warsa district, near the beach in North Biak. Luckily, It is not difficult to get here. Tourists can find the entrance of Wafsarak waterfall on the side of the road easily.

To enter Wafsarak waterfall, you will need to buy a ticket for Rp. 35.000. The view of a 10 meters high waterfall is exceptional. The greenish-blue water is pleasing to the eye. The surrounding environment of Wafsarak waterfall is still untouched. So, you can have an unforgettable thrilling experience by cliff jumping.

You can get to Wafsaral waterfall by car. Along the road on the way to the Wafsarak waterfall, you will see the beautiful scenery of West Papua. Local people pay attention to the cleanliness of Wafsarak waterfall, and hence the area of Wafsarak waterfall is free from the garbage.

Papua is very popular for the beauty of its beaches, mountain, and other nature experience. The natural wonders of Papua will be the perfect place for you to unwind from a stressful and exhausting day of works and city life. Although most of the places are not easily accessible, the experience that you will get is worth it.