4 Picks of 5 Star Hotels in West Papua for Your Pleasant Trip

5 Star Hotels in West Papua

5 Star Hotels in West Papua

No one can resist the charms of Mother Nature. And, No one will reject a great trip to one of Indonesia’s provinces, West Papua. Known as the Land of Paradisaea, this tourist destination will not disappoint anyone who wants to take a short or long break enjoying the wonders of nature. A good trip needs a nice place to stay. Thus, we have several recommendations from 5 Star Hotels in West Papua or similar in value for your exciting journey!

4 Picks of 5 Star Hotels in West Papua for Your Pleasant Trip

  1. Meridian Adventure Marina Club and Resort

If you plan to visit many places in South Waigeo, Raja Ampat, this clean and modern hotel will be the suitable lodging for your stay. It is located in the northern part of the island of Waigeo, in the suburb of Waisai town. The place offers a public restaurant, swimming pool, adventure dive club, lounge area, and laundry services.

It has two types of rooms: modular and minimalist spaces. Both provide complete accommodation. A private bathroom with hot water and room facilities include beds, Wi-Fi, TV, air-conditioning, and toiletries. Remember to try some local dishes for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  1. Alila Purnama

Do you love the sea? Alila Purnama will be the perfect place for your exploration or honeymoon in Raja Ampat. This lodging was designed to reminisce the authentic, traditional style of the legendary Bugis seafarers from the 17th century. It offers an incredible onboard experience on a wooden yacht.

You will not be bored staying put on the yacht as it offers a superb view of various marine life from a private balcony. Its relaxing accommodation services are massages from spa therapists and 26 dives with professional guides. Each cabin provides a spacious room with an en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning, queen bed, double closet, and writing desk. This is one of the best 5 Star Hotels in West Papua.

  1. Korpak Villa and Resort

Another one from South Waigeo, Raja Ampat, is Korpak Villa and Resort. With a cozy collection of 55 eco-friendly rooms, the place offers a beautiful view of the open sea. Each room is soundproof. The room amenities include:

  • A flat-screen TV.
  • Air conditioning.
  • A private terrace.
  • A parquet floor.
  • A big-sized bed or twin beds.

You can witness the breathtaking scenery of sunset and colorful corals from the room. The location is near Waisao town, only 4 km away. If your itinerary includes visiting Wilson’s Paradise, this place will be a great choice. Remember to enjoy diving, snorkeling, and canoeing around the vicinity.

  1. Swiss-Belhotel Manokwari

Swiss-Belhotel in Manokwari is an excellent pick for those who seek comfort above all else. The hotel’s location is strategic, as you can walk to many shopping centers, entertainment venues, and supermarkets. You can reach Rendani Airport within 15 minutes.

The hotel has a vibrant atmosphere with a clean, contemporary design. The minimalist sense spreads throughout the place as well as the guest rooms. Each room is clean and provides basic amenities such as a bed, TV, desk, chair, private bathroom, and toiletries. Several rooms face the full view of the hotel’s swimming pool. Hence, they are bright and sunny. The place offers plenty of choices for meals, such as Asian dishes or an American-style breakfast buffet.

Remember to underestimate the power of great lodging for your trip! Please pick one from our 5 Star Hotels in West Papua recommendation list. We hope you will have a great experience while visiting one of the tourist destinations in the province.