4 Riveting Facts about Mimika Regency, World’s Largest Gold Mine

Mimika Regency

Mimika Regency

Mimika Regency boasts an abundance of natural resources, wildlife, and culture. The regency is situated in Central Papua, Indonesia with Timika as its Capital City. Since long ago, the name Mimika has widespread because it has the world’s largest gold mine where PT. Freeport operates as a mining company.

People also address the regency as “Negeri di Atas Sungai” (The Country Above the Rivers) due to the high number of Watersheds, approximately 94. This nickname also represents the literal meaning of Mimika which is an overflowing river. In addition, Mimika offers several tourist attractions for travel enthusiasts. You can explore the area for its amazing wildlife, challenging trekking mountains, stunning landscapes, and engaging local customs. Here, we will explain several riveting facts about the regency, so check it out!

4 Riveting Facts about Mimika Regency

  1. The Super Mine, Grasberg

Mimika has one active gold mine named Grasberg, located in Mount Zaagkam. It was known as Ertsberg Mine in the early 90s. The mine, located in Tembagapura District, has enormous gold and copper reserves which the Freeport Mc Moran Copper and Gold Inc. (owned by the United States) has managed the mine since 1973.

However, Joko Widodo (the President of Indonesia) had successfully claimed 51,2% shares of PT. Freeport on December 21, 2018. Due to this super mine, the Capital City of Mimika, Timika, has become the center and iconic symbol for economic and educational activities. The city is prosperous and its citizens have a better quality of life compared to other regencies in Central Papua.

  1. Kuala Kencana, Timika Modern District

Kuala Kencana is an eco-friendly and modern city. It was inaugurated by President Soeharto on December 5, 1995. As an eco-friendly city, it has no electricity poles and instead applies a planting system. In addition, the residents use bicycles as a means of short-distance transportation.

However, this place is not open to the public or tourists. It is an exclusive place of residence for PT. Freeport Indonesia’s employees and their families. In order to enter the city, you must possess a special identification card provided by Freeport and pass a strict inspection at the checkpoint.

  1. Mangrove Forest of Pomako

Mimika Regency has an impressive ecotourism. For this trip, you can visit the Mangrove Forest of Pomako, located in the East Mimika District. The place requires a small fee for you to enter, around IDR 10,000 for adults and IDR 5,000 for children.

Upon entering, travelers can enjoy the irresistible natural landscapes by walking through a bridge. There are approximately 27 kinds of mangroves and various species living in the forest. There are several funny short writings that become one of its main attractions. One example is “dilarang bawa mantan” which translates to “forbidden to bring your ex.” In addition, you might see the Kamoro Tribe, the native people living near the Mangrove Forest.

  1. The Local Value, Pig as a Symbol of Peace

The local community holds a unique value and practice. They consider pigs as the symbol of peace or reconciliation. Should a conflict arise within the community, the members will throw some dead pigs at each other.

This practice has existed for years ago. The people continue to preserve the ritual from generation to generation. Pigs are quite expensive in the area. Due to this situation, the local people understand that reconciliation comes at a high price.

Mimika Regency has diverse appealing charms for anyone who wants to learn about the place. From its abundant natural resources to the local community’s value, this place is an interesting tourist destination should you want to plan a trip to Central Papua.