4 Things Must Do in Arborek, West Papua’s Cleanest Tourist Village



A fun trip to Raja Ampat is a wish of many traveling dreamers. The destination consists of a group of islands that have beautiful scenery below and above the surface. One of the most popular tourist spots in Raja Ampat is Arborek Island, known as the Tourism Village.

The island is tiny and tourists may walk on foot. It takes around thirty minutes to complete the walk of the entire coastline. If you are planning to visit this island, be prepared to accept a welcoming gesture from the members of the village. Not only friendly and hospitable to others but there are also a lot of recreational activities the island could offer. What are they?

  1. Diving and Snorkelling

The island is well-known for the huge number of fish that take shelter beneath the jetty. There are plenty of colorful corals that will please the eyes. Also, visitors can choose swimming or snorkeling around the area to enjoy the view of manta rays. Those three activities are recommendable for those who want to take full sight of the village’s underwater beauty.

Manta Sandy or Manta Ridge provides the service for visitors to get a spot to see the manta rays. However, a strong current is present within the area. That is why visitors must look for further information on the place and make sure that they will be accompanied by seasoned local guides. If you are not fond of getting wet, you can also enjoy the scenery from the dock as the water is clean and transparent.

  1. Enjoying the Village Panorama Beauty

The village offers a homestay with an Overwater Bungalow idea for visitors. Located above the sea, people can feel the fresh sea breeze and see the clear, bluish waves. Taking a leisure walk around the village is another option to enjoy the beautiful scenery above the water’s surface.

The village’s surrounding is filled with coconut trees and a wide carpet of white sand. When you walk to reach the dock, you might find several children joyfully playing, singing, or swimming near it. Some also try to learn how to row the boat with their parents. Such a warm welcome, visitors might not be able to see it if ones only stay inside the homestay.

  1. Savoring Culinary Food of Arborek

Some homestays do not provide culinary delights for tourists if there is no prior request before coming. This is due to the usual tour package does not include the culinary service as the visitors prefer to make a one-day visit to the village to enjoy the sunset.

Visitors who request for local cuisine of the village can savor the food while watching the sunset on the pier. The local food mainly consists of fried bananas, cassava, and tubers. Visitors may also have rice and fish. 

  1. Knowing the Community

There are two activities to know more about the community. First, the tourist village offers some cultural attractions such as the Mansorandak tradition, Cakalele Dance, or the Drum Flute. Upon someone’s arrival in the village, there will be a welcoming dance from the ship. However, the Mansorandak tradition is reserved for guests from the government who has active duty.

Next, the women of the village have exceptional woven handcrafting skills. Due to this, the village offers several creative, signature products such as necklaces, woven gats, tote bags, and flower vases. Each handcraft has the typical decorative uniqueness of the village. You can visit them to see or buy some handicrafts for up to 350,000 IDR.

You cannot visit Raja Ampat without going to Arborek Island. The place has many recreational activities for you to enjoy. Even a one-day trip is enough to completely appreciate the village attractions. 


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