5 Facts Of Papua PON 2021 That Will Prove As The Economic Power Gain

5 Facts Of Papua PON 2021 That Will Prove As The Economic Power Gain

The PON xx Papua 2021 which is a national sporting event in Indonesia has turned into one of the economic revival impulses. The national sports event on 2 – 15 October 2021 involves thousands of people consisting of officials, committees, athletes, etc. With that in mind, these 5 facts help to prove that PON XX help west Papua regain its economic power.

The Facts Of PON 2021

1. The Economy Impact

One thing mentioned by the KEMLU (embassy of the Republic of Indonesia) website is how the event can bring up a tremendous economic impact for New Guinea. Papua in general can consider the PON as a non-mining sector economic recovery since it introduces the province other than their rich in mineral status.

The PON activities are believed to help bring an increase in GRDP about 0.7 to 1.10% from the number of 1,222.84 billion. Not only that but there is also an immense influence in the construction sector that reaches IDR 851.88 billion or about 4.2% to 5.0%. It is a number that shows how significant the impact will take for west Papua or Papua in general.

2. The Use Of QRIS For PON XX

The modernization and online transaction using QRIS will ensue during the event PON 2021. QRIS or Quick response code Indonesian standards or digital wallet is part of the hybrid sporting event. The government decided to use the hybrid event as an effort to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who want to attend the event should follow strict health protocols.

There will be a limitation for the crowd, and the viewer needs to go through online registration. The hybrid sporting event is also available through live streaming and local television channels. QRIS also helps with payment channel that covers souvenirs, retail, culinary shopping, or entry tickets.

3. 4 Regions Locations

The sporting event was held in four different regions within Papua. It means to anticipate increased demand through PON XX 2021, including in West Papua. So to maintain the price of goods, the 4 regions ( Kota Jayapura, Kab. Jayapura, Kab. Mimika, and Kab. Merauke) will employ four principles. They are smooth distribution, supply availability, price affordability, and effective communication.

4. New Stadiums

5 Facts Of Papua PON 2021 That Will Prove As The Economic Power Gain

The utilization of post-activity infrastructure, product promotion, and regional tourism as part of the PON xx 2021 asset optimization strategy. The idea is pretty vast, which includes the use of a new world-class stadium to accommodate the sporting event. The stadium is Lukas Enembe Sentani Stadium in the west of Jayapura city that has 45,000 people capacity.

5. 37 Sports And 6.442 Athletes

For the PON XX 2021 fact in number, the sporting event will feature 37 sports with around 6.442 athletes. The West Papuan and native should be happy that it is one of the biggest events in Indonesia. Inviting more people to get involved in the event also promotes the beauty and charm of Papua.

The Papua PON 2021 has been one of the great successes that help create economic recovery momentum in Papua. Asset optimization from the new stadiums and four locations helps spread the economy. Not only that, the use of QRIS and hybrid event make a better procession. The event was also considered to boost non-mining sectors’ economic recovery.

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