5 Great Reasons Why You Should Visit West Papua

5 Great Reasons Why You Should Visit West Papua

When it comes to West Papua, you will present an isolated and wild nature. With green forests full of flora and fauna, this is a nature lover’s paradise. Don’t miss to enjoy the natural beauty of the island with a variety of exciting activities. It includes hiking, scuba diving, and seeing tribal culture. Are you curious about the beauty of this island? Check out this information!

The Reason You Should Visit Papua

1. Hike in Lorentz National Park

One of the reasons why you should choose this island to visit is that it provides a real challenge and serious training. You can hike to Lorentz National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site. It is the largest national park in Southeast Asia and hosts the highest island peak in the world. To reach the top, you need to be careful because the track is challenging.

When you reach the peak location, you will see the amazing beauty of the charming islands of Raja Ampat. When you are at the top, you will hear the birdlife and the surrounding fauna. Not only that, but you will also admire the West Papua forested islands and watch the spectacular sunset at night.

2. Dive with Friendly Whale Sharks

The island’s waters are full of beautiful life, including lots of friendly whale sharks to swim with. A number of these sea giants often visit Kwatisore Bay in Cenderawasih, which can be chosen as a diving location. As a result, this location has been named a truly unique dive site. Whale sharks are comfortable with snorkelers around them, allowing you to get up close and personal with them.

3. Amazing views of Pianemo Island

Another incredible thing about this island is the stunning scenery. You should not just miss a trip to the Raja Ampat Islands, which are encircled by small islands. You will be surrounded by more than 1500 islets, canyons, and shoals. Make sure you pack your camera to capture the moment from the Pianemo Island viewpoint at West Papua.

4. Has the Richest Coral Reefs on the Earth

When visiting Raja Ampat, you will be treated to the beauty of the richest coral reefs. Raja Ampat is home to several coral reefs with more than 1500 species of fish and 537 species of coral. You will not be disappointed to swim with the natural beauty that is under the sea. The colorful corals of Raja Ampat will accompany your trip while in Papua.

5. Rare Fauna

5 Great Reasons Why You Should Visit West Papua

If you are a fan of bird watching and photography, this island is heaven for you. The lush forests are home to some of the most beautiful birds and rare species in the world. There are more than 700 species of birds that you can find there so far. If you want to meet rare animals, take a trip to Waigeo in Raja Ampat, West Papua, and find Cenderawasih.

Overall, the island has an attraction that can’t be found anywhere else. Various natural beauties are present charmingly and originally. You will not be disappointed if you enjoy your vacation here or heal for a while. You can get all things wonderful when visiting this island in the western part of Indonesia.