5 Highest Mountains in Papua, Four of Them Are the Highest Mountains in Indonesia

The five highest mountains in Papua and West Papua with an altitude of more than 4,000 meters are Puncak Jaya, Puncak Mandala, Puncak Trikora, Ngga Pilimsit, and Puncak Yamin.

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Located between the Pacific Circum and the Mediterranean Circum, Indonesia has many high mountains. Some of the mountains in Indonesia are active volcanic mountains. Aside from Japan and Russia, Indonesia is one of the countries with the most volcanoes in the world. That is why Nusantara is also known as the ring of fire path.

There are eleven highest mountains in Indonesia with seven of them belonging to seven summits, or seven highest peaks that attract mountain climbers to explore. Among the eleven highest mountains in Indonesia, five of them are laid in Papua and West Papua. No wonder people call Papua and West Papua the heaven of Indonesia. To learn more about the highest mountains in Papua and West Papua, here are the lists for you.


Puncak Jaya


Puncak Jaya Wijaya or Carstensz Pyramid is the highest summit in Indonesia. The name Carstensz is taken from a Dutch named Jan Carstenszoon who first saw the wonder of the land of Papua and West Papua in 1623. The top of Carstensz was successfully climbed for the first time in 1962 by Harrer, Temple, Kippax, and Huizenga.

The altitude of Puncak Jaya reaches 4884 mdpl or 16.023 feet. No surprise this peak is covered with ice or glaciers. Besides being the highest peak in the country, Puncak Jaya also becomes the only tropical area covered in ice. Some hikers claimed the Carstensz peak’s hiking is very expensive. 

The cost reaches hundreds of million rupiahs. It is because of the challenging terrain and Puncak Jaya is rich in natural resources. One of them is gold mining owned by PT. Freeport Indonesia. The mining point is close to Puncak Jaya. 


Puncak Mandala


The next highest mountain in Papua and West Papua which is also the highest mountain in Indonesia is Puncak Mandala, located in the Bintang district. Puncak Mandala is also known as Juliana. The altitude of Puncak Mandala reaches 4.760 meters asl or approximately 16.617 feet, making it the second-highest mountain in Indonesia. 

One time, the peak of Puncak Mandala was covered by ice. However, due to global warming, the ice is now gone. The hiking track of Puncak Mandala was started from Bime village to the north side of the Jayawijaya Mountain. The first climb to this summit was conducted by a Dutch in 1953. 

Puncak Mandala is not as popular as Puncak Jaya, mostly because this mountain is rarely climbed. The hiking terrain is rather difficult. Similar to Puncak Jaya, the hiking rate for Puncak Mandala is expensive. It is because the location is very challenging to reach.


Puncak Trikora


Puncak Trikora is one of the highest peaks in Papua. The starting point to get into Puncak Trikora is through Wamena, to be exact, in the Baliem valley. From Baliem valley, you can also get a clear view of Puncak Trikora. The altitude of Puncak Trikora is 4750 meters asl or 15.580 feet asl. Like Puncak Jaya, Puncak Trikora is also covered by a glacier.

The name Trikora is taken from “Tri Komando Rakyat” which was mandated by the first President of Indonesia, Soekarno on December 19, 1961. Puncak Trikora was first found and explored by H.A Lorentz, a Dutch mountain climber. Then in 1913, Herderschee, Hubrecht, and Versteeg managed to climb this peak.

Unlike mountains’ summits in general, Puncak Trikora is not conical. It is rather flat, elongated, and covered in ice. On January 27, 2013, the Mapala team from Universitas Indonesia succeeded in exploring Puncak Trikora and opened a track or entry point to get into this summit. The track is a hiking route. 


Ngga Pilimsit Mountain


Ngga Pilimsit is one of the highest mountains in Papua and West Papua with an altitude of 4,717. This mountain saves millions of natural resources in Papua and becomes a world-class tourism icon. The mountain with this unique name has attracted so many local and foreign visitors. The mountain climbers who first managed to conquer this summit are Heinrich Harrer dan Philip Temple in 1962.

The hiking terrain of Ngga Pilimsit varies. There are easy tracks and difficult ones. Even if you are a professional mountain climber, you still can enjoy the magnificent scenery of Ngga Pilimsit. The trees and vegetation have their own charms. All areas in Ngga Pilimsit Mountain are still natural. 

Other than hiking, there are other activities you can do in Ngga Pilimsit. Some of them are tracking your own path to reach the recommended peak, observing the natural and exotic flora and fauna, and capturing every captivating spot.


Puncak Yamin


The altitude of Yamin Mountain is 4.595 meters above sea level. Puncak Yamin is also part of Jayawijaya Mountains. The temperature of Puncak Yamin is minus five degrees Celsius. Back in 1913, the peak of Yamin had eternal ice called Prins Hendrik-top. However, the ice has now melted and gone. 

All the five highest mountains in Papua and West Papua have altitudes above four thousand meters. With those altitudes, no wonder the summits of the Jayawijaya Mountains in West Papua are covered with ice and glaciers even though it is part of a tropical country.

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