6 Amazing Crystal-Clear Blue Lake In West Papua

6 Amazing Crystal-Clear Blue Lake In West Papua

Papua is famous for its rich and beautiful natural scenery. For this reason, Papua is one of the must-visit places for adventurers. Travelers can discover beautiful new places in Papua, such as lakes. There are many lakes with their characteristics and shapes. As a traveler, you should not miss the beauty of the crystal-clear blue lake in West Papua. Here is the information for you!

Best Crystal-Clear Blue That You Need To Visit in Papua

1. Lake Sentani

Lake Sentani is one of the most famous lakes in Papua. The extent reaches 9,360 ha and a depth of 70 meters below sea level, making this lake always visited by many tourists. Lake Sentani is included in the Mount Cyclops nature reserve area because of its abundant natural resources. You can find several plants such as areca nut, matoa (origin from Papua), and eucalyptus.

2. Lake Rombebai

Next, you can find Lake Rombebai, which is on the banks of the Mamberamo River. Although adjacent to the riverbank, the beauty of this lake can not be doubted. The lake, which is about 20 km from the Pacific Ocean, is the second largest lake after Lake Sentani, West Papua, with an area of ​​137 ha.

Because of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, local people sometimes find sharks that live in Lake Rombebai. Not only the panorama but the natural wealth of Lake Rombebai also gets the attention of many people. On one side of the lake, there is an abundance of natural gas to be adequately explored.

3. Lake Kamakawalor

If you visit Kaimana Regency, you can stop by Lake Kamakawalor. Its natural beauty makes Lake Kamakawalor a popular wild tourist spot to visit. Many regional and international travelers visit the lake every year. It is because the lake has a large size with clear water. For these reasons, local people take advantage of the water from the lake.

4. Youtefa Bay Lake

As the name suggests, this lake in West Papua is a lake surrounded by headlands. There is no doubt that Youtefa Bay Lake presents a stunning panorama for its visitors. Mangroves and sag surround the view of the lake. The crystal-clear water also stores several components of the ecosystem in life.

5. Lake Tigi

Not only have that, but Papua still has stunning views of Lake Tigi. To get to Lake Tigi, you have to pass through a steep track. First, you have to pass through the valleys of Mount Deiyei and Duomo Island. Tourists can enjoy the view of the lake and do exciting activities such as fishing and renting a boat.

6. Lake Imfote

Hangatnya Mentari Pagi dari Telaga Imfote Jayapura - Regional Liputan6.com

Info Lake or better known as the Lake of Love, has a unique shape. As the name suggests, you can see the form of the lake like a special heart symbol. You can see the shape of the lake from several hills around it. It is also used as a favorite photo spot for people visiting Imfote Lake, West Papua.

When it comes to Papua scenery, you can find a beauty that is second to none. One that you can see is a lake that is still natural and beautiful. To get to the location, you must be prepared to go through challenging terrain. Tourists must travel across land and sea to reach the most beautiful lakes in Papua.