6 Fun Things You Can Do at Pianemo Island in West Papua

6 Fun Things You Can Do at Pianemo Island in West Papua

Besides the underwater beauty, Raja Ampat Regency also has a cluster of karst hills that are no less interesting. One of them is Pianemo Island in West Papua. Located in Groot Fam, Saukabu, West Waigeo Islands, Pianemo offers extraordinary beauty. It took two hours by fast boat from Sorong City to get to this place.

6 Fun Things You Can Do at Pianemo Island in West Papua

6 Tourist Activities on Pianemo Island in West Papua

  • Enjoy the Underwater Scenery from the Pier

Pianemo Island in West Papua has shallow seawater around its pier area. It makes the coral reefs and swimming fish very visible.

You don’t need to use swimming or diving goggles. The underwater panorama will welcome you as soon as you stand on the pier’s edge. It is common to see long and gray fish in the dock area. At first glance, this fish looks like a barracuda.

  • Hiking

You can choose from at least 2 hills that you can choose from as hiking locations in Pianemo. The most famous is Pianemo Peak. This place is where president Jokowi and several artists have taken pictures. All visitors have one goal: to climb to the top of Pianemo!

Getting to the top of Pianemo Island in West Papua is no longer difficult because the homestay management has built stairs facilities, which are around 300 steps. At the top, spectacular views await. Below it spreads karst hills of various sizes. 

The calm sea watercolor gradations add to the beautiful view from above. The boats passing through the karst hills will add beauty to your photos. The foam produced by the ship makes the picture look interesting.

  • Secluded Under Shady Trees

There are several spots in the forest where tourists can rest on wooden paths.

If you are visiting Pianemo when the conditions are quiet, you can use it to take a short break under shady trees while enjoying the silence of the forest area.

  • Kayaking at Pianemo Island in West Papua

The location of the homestay, which is inside with calm seawater conditions, makes it easy for us to quickly get around the Pianemo area just by using a kayak. The homestay provides 2 kayaks, and you can use them for free throughout the day.

  • Snorkeling

It’s not complete if you don’t swim, snorkel, or you can also dive. The homestay provides only snorkeling equipment. The locals are also happy to take you to good spots for snorkeling.

Diving is possible because every sailing ship that comes to Pianemo Island in West Papua always conducts diving activities in front of Pianemo Island. Unfortunately, Pianemo homestay does not yet provide diving equipment.

  • Barbecue

Do you like to cook or barbecue? At the back of the homestay, there is a burning stove. If interested, we can ask the homestay manager to prepare barbecue ingredients for our subsequent execution on the kitchen stove.

Pianemo Island in West Papua, is in Front of the Eyes

The entrance ticket to Pianemo Hill is IDR 50,000 per person. Meanwhile, the entry fee for the ship is IDR 300,000 per ship. This tourist spot is open every Monday-Friday from 10.00-17.00 WIT.

Tourists will spend about six hours getting to Pianemo from Sorong via sea. In the meantime, air travel is possible from Domine Eduard Osok Airport, Sorong, to Marinda Airport, Waisai City. From Waisai City, the journey continues by boat for about two hours.

Bottom Line

If many visitors who come to Pianemo Island in West Papua only spend 1-2 hours at Pianemo Peak and then leave Pianemo, then maybe some of the tips above can be a reference for those of you who want to go to Pianemo.

During a pandemic like the current one, make sure when visiting you continue to follow the Covid-19 prevention health protocols, namely wearing masks, washing hands with soap, keeping your distance, and not traveling if your fever or body temperature is above 37.3 degrees Celsius.