6 Traditional Foods You Need To Try When Visiting West Papua

6 Traditional Foods You Need To Try When Visiting West Papua

In the easternmost region of Indonesia, some provinces have their uniqueness in terms of culture. In addition, this area also has typical food with delicious taste. Not only is the attraction of West Papua, but the food is also a symbol of its culture. Thus, here are some typical foods that must be enjoyed when visiting Papua.

Recommendation of Traditional Foods

1. Sago Caterpillar Satay

If you visit this area, then don’t miss the traditional food typical of the original local community. It may look a little extreme to some people. If you have never tried it, you will vomit and have nausea when you see this food. This food is a sago caterpillar that comes from the trunk of an old sago tree. Local people are used to consuming sago caterpillars by roasting or making satay.

2. Papeda

The Papeda may already be familiar to your attention. It is because this food is not only famous in West Papua. Some eastern Indonesians also make Papeda as the main food. To serve Papeda, it must be cooked first for a few minutes until the texture of the food can turn into mush. The way to eat Papeda is the same as rice, namely by adding side dishes.

3. Manokwari Grilled Fish

As the name suggests, this food is typical in the Manokwari area. The type of fish used to make this dish is tuna. If you visit Manokwari, don’t miss the spicy dish of Ikan Bakar Manokwari. The sauce used for this dish has a spicy taste. The grilled fish will taste sweet and spicy with a mix of fresh spices.

4. Shrimp Selingkuho

Selingkuho Shrimp is a unique food in the West Papua area. The characteristics of this shrimp have claws or hands like crabs. For this reason, people think this shrimp is having an affair with a crab. This shrimp is very popular in Wamena and is a delicious traditional dish. This shrimp can be fried, boiled, grilled. You must take the time to go to Wamena and try to eat these prawns.

5. Petata

Apart from Papeda, Petata is also a staple food for the Papuan people. It is because people in Papua do not grow rice. Indigenous people consume sweet potatoes and sago as their main food. Sweet potatoes are a staple food because of their high nutritional value. Even the local government is developing sweet potato into an industry that can provide benefits to the Papuan people.

6. Aunuve Habre

6 Traditional Foods You Need To Try When Visiting West Papua

One more traditional West Papua food that you can taste is Aunuve Habre. The food is made from tuna. To serve it, this fish will be cut and wrapped in taro leaves. After that, this food must be steamed using salt and water in a pan. The taste of this fish will be savory because of the spices that seep into the fish.

In conclusion, there are many choices of traditional food in Papua. If you are a foodie, don’t miss this dish. Your vacation experience is not complete if you don’t visit this area. If you want to get a new experience when visiting Papua, then you can try the food from the eastern part of Indonesia.



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