5 Facts About Lanny Jaya, West Papua You Might Not Know

West Papua
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There is no end when referring to West Papua as this province really has that beauty and exotic characteristics. People start to know about this province because they also make some changes in many ways, especially in tourism. Here you will know some facts you might not know about one of the parts of this province, Lanny Jaya

West Papua
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Lanny Jaya is a new regency in West Papua

Lanny Jaya was launched as a new regency in 2007. It was the result of the development of the Jayawijaya Regency. Because Jayawijaya has a very big area and population density, the government decided to split this area into some new regencies, and one of them is Lanny Jaya. 

Lanny Jaya has ten districts spread across its 2,248 km2 area. The districts are Tiom District, Pirime District, Makki District, Dimba District, Gamelia District, Tiomneri District, Balingga District, Melagineri District, Poga District, and Kuyawage District. Its population is about 89,332. However, in 2013, the government raised the number of districts to 39 districts. 

Lanny Jaya is growing

With the potential of the regency, Lanny Jaya has the responsibility to make the regency grows over time. The new government and the people in the regency work together to bring this new regency a bright future with all their potential. Like the other part of West Papua Province, Lanny Jaya also has the same topography with mountains and hills everywhere. 

This demands the people there to be creative to develop this regency. One of the programs they want to succeed in is the BANGGA Papua program. It is a program from the province to facilitate social protection for the people, especially women in Papua. They want to make sure that everyone gets the benefits of this program in Lanny Jaya. 

Lanny Jaya is more independent

Some years after Lanny Jaya became a new regency, this regency is more independent to solve their problems. The lack of teachers is one of the classic problems in a remote area in the depth part of West Papua like Lanny Jaya. The most recent proof that they are more independent is seen in education. They hired local teachers to fill the position. 

Moreover, the authority tested those teachers to know whether they were competent in their field or not. This indicated that the regency has the ability to figure out the problem and find the solution for it. As a new regency, this would be a good start to becoming a better regency that affects their people’s lives. 

Lanny Jaya is Rich with Tourism Attractions

Like the other parts of West Papua, Lanny Jaya also offers many tourist attractions for people who want to visit this regency. Most of the attractions are natural and cultural attractions which allow the visitor to enjoy their time as well as to have an unforgettable experience for their lifetime. Some places to visit are Lorentz National Park, Genena Village, and Tiom Hills.

Lorentz National Park is the biggest national park in South-East Asia. It has 2,4 million hectares of area and is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in Indonesia. It offers many things for the visitors, especially those who like outdoor activities. This national park has an outstanding view of mountains and lakes. The air here is very fresh for sure. It’s a perfect place for outdoor activities. 

Genena Village is another great destination for visitors. It is a traditional village that still holds their traditions. Although modernization hits the world, this village stays in their ancestors’ cultural legacy. This is a remote village in Lanny Jaya because it is far from the crowded town. This keeps the village pure and makes it an attractive destination. 

Another awesome destination in Lanny Jaya is Tiom Hills. It is located in Tiom District and offers a greeneries view for the visitors. They can enjoy both beautiful views, which are very good for the eyes, and fresh air, which is very good for the lungs. The visitors would feel the peace when they are here. It’s a real destination for escaping from the world. 

Lanny Jaya is calling you 

For you who like to travel, Lanny Jaya would be a very good destination to put on your bucket list. You have read some things about this regency, and you might want to know more about it. You could have a great experience after visiting this regency and also you could be a witness to its beauty. The people and the nature will amaze you. It will be worth the expenses you would spend. 

Finally, those are some facts about Lanny Jaya. This will give you insight that West Papua, Indonesia, has more things to offer. This will widen your knowledge and experience that will be very good for you. Don’t hesitate to travel to this province and explore anything it offers.