7 The Best Spot Diving In Raja Ampat West Papua You Should Never Miss

Raja Ampat tourism has an iconic attraction from its underwater natural beauty. That is why Raja Ampat is one of the best spots for diving and snorkeling globally. Tourists visit West Papua to see its extraordinary natural charm. Also, many hidden locations offer a fantastic sea experience. To make it easier for you to find the best destinations, here are some recommendations!

List of Spot Diving with The Best View

1. Cape Kri

One of the tours that you can visit for a vacation in Papua is the Raja Ampat area. In this area, tourists will find stunning natural beauty. It is supported by various natural charms, such as the vast waters. As a result, travelers can visit the best places when exploring the Papua region.

One of the destinations that have great appeal is Tanjung Kri. This location has many pristine fish and coral species. It is not surprising that many visitors deliberately come from various regions and abroad to go diving. It would help if you did not miss this underwater charm in the sea when you are in Raja Ampat.

2. Blue Magic

As the name suggests, this spot offers a diving experience with magical views. Blue Magic Destinations have a natural beauty that is second to none. Visitors who want to dive in this area can come to Raja Ampat, West Papua. This tourist location is between Kri Island and Waisai Island. So, you can travel at once when visiting this best diving spot area.

The uniqueness of these dive sites is the name Blue Magic. This name is assigned to the dive sites because the seawater is a lovely blue. The charm of Blue Magic is more than that, and there are many surprising things that you can find in this location. The fascinating thing is that tourists can also see coral reefs and various marine life.

Blue Magic is strategically located in the waters, and you can see biodiversity at these dive sites. Tourists can also see whitetip reefs, blacktip reef sharks, and mantas if you are lucky. But keep in mind this location has a relatively solid and large current. As a result, only experienced and certified divers can dive at this spot.

3. Five Stones

If you are a beginner diver, don’t worry about not finding the best diving spots. You can visit Batu Lima as the ideal choice for destinations. The calm currents allow beginners to dive to see the stunning underwater beauty. As a result, it provides an extraordinary experience when diving in West Papua.

If you want to visit this location, you can come to the Dampier Strait. Light currents at this site can be calm because large rocks restrain it. Tourists trying to dive for the first time can come to Batu Lima. As in other dive spots, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of diverse marine life in the Raja Ampat area.

4. Cross Wreck

Another spot you can visit for a unique experience on vacation is Cross Wreck. The location is about 300 kilometers from the Sorong area. Not too far to reach. When you see the underwater scenery, you can see the beauty of colorful fish. Also, you can explore the wrecks of the Japanese Navy that sank during World War II with small fish around it.

5. Arborek

For tourists who are just learning to dive, Arborek, West Papua, is a good choice. Beginners often visit these diving sites to witness the beauty of the underwater world. Here, tourists can learn to dive in stages starting from one, two, three, up to a depth of 15 meters. The view of Arborek’s marine life is no less interesting than other spots.

6. Misool Pulau Island

Top 5 Dive Sites in Raja Ampat | Papua Paradise

Misool Island’s location is ideal since nears the  Seram Sea. As a result, this spot is part of the world’s coral triangle area. Most of the marine life that lives here are ornamental fish. This makes the divers’ experience unforgettable while in the Misool Island area. Tourists can also see the expanse of beautiful coral reefs with many rare species.

7. Dampier Strait

Tourists who dive in the waters of the Dampier Strait can see a variety of large fish. Some of the marine life you can catch up close are grouper, bobara, barracuda, and shark. This spot is also a stopover for whales, dolphins and dugongs. In addition, tourists can also enjoy various sea caves. Interestingly, this spot in West Papua is also suitable for novice divers.

The uniqueness of the diving sites in Raja Ampat is the biodiversity in the sea. There are so many fish here visitors won’t want to miss the diving experience in Papua. You will see views of coral reefs that are so abundant. If you’re going to dive in this area, you will find many types of ornamental fish, angelfish, butterflyfish, and many more.