A Bizarre Culinary Adventure! Take A Look At Foods With Unique Ingredients In West Papua!

A Bizarre Culinary Adventure! Take A Look At Foods With Unique Ingredients In West Papua!

With all of the spices and tastes, Indonesia is known for its delish food. Some even made it into the number one most delicious food in the world. But, if you are looking for a new style and a bizarre taste test, visit west Papua. The westernmost island in Indonesia is filled with charms, and one of them is the culinary wealth that is beyond imagination.

The Wonderful Dishes Of Western Papua

1. Ikan Bakar Manokwari

Starting with the most normal and popular one, ikan bakar or grilled fish. Manokwari is the name of the capital city in this province located in the northwest corner of the famous cenderawasih Bay. That is why fishes are the main ingredient for almost every dish in this area. It includes local, traditional, or tourist culinary.

Manokwari restaurants or locals tend to use a mackerel tuna with a lot of spices and sambal (grounded chilies). The fish itself has a very delectable taste, average size, and soft texture. So, it serves enough portion for a single dish. Along with the special sauce, sambal, and rice, it is a perfect dish for a day.

2. Kue Lontar

West Papua also has some typical deserts. One of them is kue lontar that is a unique construal of milk pie by the locals. Surprisingly, the rather international intake help make the cake well known. The crunchy texture for its bite makes it tasty. The soft and buttery taste on the inside resembles the soft milk texture.

3. The Prawn Dishes

A Bizarre Culinary Adventure! Take A Look At Foods With Unique Ingredients In West Papua!

A unique name makes it’s a famous dish to date. In this case, the prawn dish’s name is udang selingkuh or cheating prawn. There is a rumor that the prawn look resemble a lobster or crab with its huge pitchers. That is why people assume it cheat with crabs. No matter what the name is, it is still one of the most tourist-friendly fares.

Tourist favorite love this west Papua culinary due to its delectable, memorable, and tasty flavor. Another unique point is that the customer can choose whatever they want to do with the prawn. You can grill, fry, or even steam it. No matter what you want to do with it, the amazing taste will stay intact.

4. Papeda

Going to the vegetarian traditional dishes, you got papeda. It is a representation of western Papua local’s signature dishes. The congee-like food was made of sago, a starchy plant that was eaten like rice. In this case, you can enjoy the bland conge with another beautiful dish such as soup or vegetable dish.

5. Sate Ulat Sagu

With papeda as the greeting, you will need to check out Sate ulat sagu or sago caterpillar satay. Yes, a caterpillar. It is a skewered and grilled fat caterpillar made of the west Papua staple food source, sago. While it sounds bizarre, the whitish caterpillar and the brownish head are unusual delicacies you cannot miss.

One of the takeaways of the western Papuan cuisine is its main ingredients of sago and fish. It can turn into barely normal foods, but some are things that can make a great memory. The sago dishes made out of its paste or the caterpillar are one of the kinds that hardly found anywhere. So, ready for the adventure? Ensure you check them out.