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Meta description: To alleviate the lack of higher education in West Papua, these universities and colleges were founded to give better education. What are they?

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According to the existing definition, human rights are several moral principles or norms for human behavior where all of them should be fulfilled under the existing law. Among these rights, education is one of the most important rights a human being can have, too! If you don’t have formal access to education from basic to advanced education, it will be tough for you to gain so many things in life. That’s why, in Indonesia, education needs to be provided anywhere, including in West Papua as well.

However, the development of balanced education infrastructures in Indonesia remains challenging! When compared to other provinces in Indonesia, West Papua still occupies the spot as one of the provinces in Indonesia with the least amount of schools. It’s not to say that the province completely lacks any educational infrastructure; it’s just that the number somewhat seems small compared to other provinces.

Nonetheless, educational infrastructures from elementary schools to universities and colleges are extremely helpful in helping West Papuans get the best education access. There have been several universities and colleges in West Papua, each with educational specializations.

Universities and Colleges in West Papua

Now, do you want to know more about universities and colleges that exist in the province? Here’s the list!

State universities

Fakfak State Polytechnic

Let’s start with the Fakfak State Polytechnic in Fakfak Regency to start this list! A relatively new polytechnic founded in 2012, this polytechnic provides vocational courses for students in the fields of engine maintenance and reparation, civil engineering, electric engineering, and others.

Considering the current needs for more universities and colleges graduates from Papua, the existence of this polytechnic is important to increase the hard skills of its graduates for local development.

University of Papua, Manokwari

Next up is one of Papua’s most important universities, the University of Papua! Originally a part of the Cenderawasih University in Jayapura focused on agricultural studies, and this university eventually became itself in 2000.

Now, the university has a lot of departments ranging from agricultural to science faculties. Because of this, now the province has a large-sized university that is very beneficial.

Health Polytechnic of Sorong

The Health Polytechnic of Sorong was founded in 2012 to educate the best graduates in health sciences to ensure that the province can educate a sizable number of graduates proficient in health science and practices.

From nursing, midwifery to nutrition sciences, the polytechnic’s facilities are spread in Sorong, Manokwari, and Fakfak to ensure the balance of access to health science education schemes in the province.

Marine and Fisheries Polytechnic of Sorong

Of course, a province with direct access to the sea will have a college that teaches marine and fisheries science! For that, the Marine and Fisheries Polytechnic of Sorong educates students on cultivating sea resources and maintaining the sea around them fully.

Aiming to become a renowned marine and fisheries polytechnic in Indonesia, its importance is significant since the province is famous for its marine resources that should be preserved at all costs!

Private universities and colleges

Al-Amin Muhammadiyah University, Sorong

As one of the major Islamic non-governmental organizations in Indonesia, Muhammadiyah has a lot of universities everywhere in the country, including in Sorong! Due to Muhammadiyah’s widespread influence in the country, it is no surprise that they have their university too in West Papua.

To become one of the best universities in the province, Al-Amin Muhammadiyah University aims to implement the Kampus Merdeka curriculum to provide the best private college-level education in the province.

Christian University of Papua

Religious universities and colleges in the province are somewhat common, and the Christian University of Papua in Sorong is one. As a prominent Christian university in the province, the university has a renowned theological faculty in its education.

Taking pride in its ability to use digital technology for a smoother transfer of knowledge from lecturers to students, the university aims to create skilled and high-integrity students from all over the province.

Catholic Polytechnic of Saint Paul, Sorong

Founded in 2002, this Catholic polytechnic was originally founded by local Catholic bishops to create easier access to education in the province to practice universal humanitarian values as told in Catholic teachings.

Currently, the polytechnic provides courses in vocational sciences (STEM) and accounting and management sciences to educate the best graduates.


Although the access to higher education such as universities and colleges in West Papua is limited compared to other provinces in Indonesia, the existence of these institutions has to be applauded because of their selfless role in educating West Papuans to become more skilled and capable of nurturing and developing their homeland. We hope this article is educational enough for all of you, and see you all again!






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