A Native Orchid from West Papua: The Black Blood-Red Dendrobium



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West Papua of Indonesia is home to many orchid species. Because it mainly consists of tropical rainforest, it is home to one of the richest diversity in the world. There are many notable endemic plants from Papua that you can never find anywhere else. One of those plants belongs to the family Orchidaceae, or what people commonly know as orchids. 

In this article, I am going to talk about The Black Blood Red Dendrobium, one of the true native of Papua orchids. Although it is not as famous as the viral “Black Papuan Orchid,” yet this flower is beautiful in color, and it is easy to cultivate. Orchid lovers, you need to check this orchid out.

The Black Blood Red Dendrobium: The True Native Of Papuan Orchid



The scientific name of this orchid is Dendrobium atroviolaceum. It is one of the true natives of the Papuan orchid, meaning you can only see these flowers growing in the wild tropical rainforest of Papua. Unlike the viral black Papuan orchid on the internet, there is a scientific journal about this flower, according to BBKSDA PAPUA BARAT. So, it is legit. This plant is real, and you can actually get this flower if you visit Papua. 

This flower is neither big nor small, and it is medium-sized. Its height is around 20-42 cm with a green to brownish color. When it is young, its color is green. Meanwhile, it gets brownish as it gets older. It has 2-4 apical leaves, which have dark green color on the upper side. The flower usually blooms in the early summer with 4 – 7,5 cm in diameter. And you can smell the fragrant, long-lasting flowers. 

The color of this flower is beautiful. The black blood red dendrobium consists of many colors for a flower. It is pale yellow and greenish-white on the flakes. While it has purple stripes inside the lip, and it has green color outside the lip. 

This plant grows in the rainforest of both West and Eastern Papua at an elevation of 200-800 meters. They grow on the trunks of large rainforest trees at 300 – 750 m. The habitat of this flower is on the Cyclops Mountains near Jayapura in West Papua, which has a stable temperature throughout the year. 

Good News: It Is Easy To Grow And Cultivate!

People often complain about how hard it is to cultivate orchids. Most people have lower success rates to cultivate orchids, and many orchid species need special care. The difficulty in orchid cultivation is what usually makes this plant to be rare. However, the Black Blood Red Dendrobium is easy to cultivate. 

You can plant this plant on a medium such as cork, tree fern, rough wood substrates. Then make sure the substrates are not very dense, so there is room for the air to come in. Choose clay rather than plastic as the container since clay is better. Next, pay attention to the root. If you want to have healthy roots, you should avoid soggy substrates. Yes, it should be constantly moist, but it must not be soggy. Then, you can do the repotting of the plant any time you notice the growth of a new root.

To make this plant bloom, first, you will need a wide spectrum of fluorescent lamps with a light level of 20000 – 30000 lux. Second, since this plant is thermophilic, you will have to provide 24-28 celsius for day temperature and 20-22 celsius for the night. So, it makes up 4-6 degrees Celsius. Third, you need a 70 – 80% humidity level throughout the year. 

You need to water it at least once a day, especially in the summer, to provide adequate humidity. And you need to fertilize the plant every two weeks, but you must not overwater it during the winter. You should reduce the amount of watering and fertilizer in the winter, especially if there is not much sunlight. However, you also need to make sure the plants are not completely dried out. 


The Black Blood Red Dendrobium is native to West Papua. Its color is beautiful, and it consists of many colors such as creamy, pale yellow, and greenish-white on the flakes. While it has purple stripes inside the lip, and it has green color outside the lip. And the good news is that this flower is very easy to grow. It is suitable for orchid lovers who want to add more collections of orchids. 

This Papuan native orchid, The Black Blood Red Dendrobium, will add more color to your garden. And moreover, you know that this plant can only be found in Papua, which makes your collection even more exclusive. 


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