A Shifting Mindset, West Papua Education Development Striving To Get Better

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The easternmost island of Indonesia has been suffering from a lack of education, technology, and development. It goes without exclusion on West Papua. The province is behind in education, but it does not mean it lacks enthusiasm. Development has gotten better, which appears from educator shifting mindset, funding, and investment. Here are some of them.

The Papuan Educator Mindset

Even though the province is pretty lacking in education, but the local educator is pretty optimistic about the future. According to an Analytical and capacity development Partnership (ACDP) study in 2015, Papua has three vital requirements that need to be developed. It includes the availability of infrastructure, increasing technology awareness, and preparing educators.

Indeed, the first thing to solve is the technology and infrastructure. There are a lot of things that need to be changed, starting from the outdated and technology for administration. However, the good news arose as educators are willing to engage with technology. It is especially true during the pandemic situation.

West Papua educators strive to accommodate as well as keep on optimistic for the education. Changing in behavior and mindset also help educators as well as the students to look for better technology. It includes digital infrastructure, such as the internet. The availability of online learning also increased during 2020, which is close to 10%.

The rural and remote education initiative

With the collaboration of UNICEF, various civil society organizations, and the Government of Indonesia, the western part of Papua has implemented a special teaching and learning program. It was one of the initiatives that help improve literacy skills among early grade students. Not only that, but it also supports the local educator for proper facilities.

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development has always been one of the challenges in the eastern part of Indonesia. The remote and far from the center area, make many provinces suffer from the lack of education infrastructure. It can range from the West Papua school, amenities, facilities, and teachers. It gets even worse when you consider the need for general connectivity to the internet.

The government needs to consider many things before injecting investment into the region. However, it does not mean limited opportunities. Technology experts say that private funding can help break down the wall. At the same time, the importance of evaluation and monitoring can be don’t by assisting schools or educational institutions.

Another great innovation made by the government is the Sekolah penggerak program. It meant to train and puh educators to use technology. It will help minimize the gap amongst educators from the region. Of course, it goes needs more planning and time to get a positive result. But, it appears to be a great route.


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Another good insight on west Papua education development comes from the scholarship availability. The number of students that go to New Zealand for further education keeps on increasing. Not only that, there are a total of more than 600 Papuan students that study abroad. It shows that the local has not given up on education opportunities.

While it is ironic to say that the natives are hardly got education facilities, but it does not mean they are left behind. The local government, Papuan educators, and Indonesia always strive to give the best education in the province. Starting from the educator, the infrastructure, the implementation of smart cards, and scholarship, Papuan will no longer lack schooling.