A Travel Guide to The Most Exotic Spot in Raja Ampat


Raja Ampat is one of many famous tourist destinations in Indonesia. Not only does it have the beauty of its nature, but Raja Ampat also offers the tourists unforgettable experiences that they won’t find in any other place. And in this article, we will give you a travel guide to the most exotic spot in Raja Ampat!

Moreover, if you are a fan of exotic destinations in Indonesia. In that case, Raja Ampat can be one of the best destinations you can visit. Raja Ampat has many hidden heavens on earth that everyone should see and enjoy.

Beach is one of the best destinations that Raja Ampat offer to the tourist. Even more, if you are a fan of exotic beaches that can please your eyes while enjoying the sun, then beaches in Raja Ampat may be the best option for you. One of the most famous exotic spots in Raja Ampat is Pantai Pasir Timbul or Pasir Timbul Beach.

So, here we have a travel guide to the most exotic spot in Raja Ampat, Pasir Timbul Beach!

Sneek Peek on Pasir Timbul Beach

Pasir Timbul Beac is one of the tourist attractions in Raja Ampat that has been popular since 2007 is Pasir Timbul. This island is so named because this tourist location appears at certain hours or when the seawater recedes at 06.00 local times, 11.00 local times, and 15.00 local times.

This unique phenomenon occurs when the sea water is receding. At certain moments, white sand will appear, and you can make it a place to sit back or just enjoy the clean white sand.

The duration of its appearance is also about 30 minutes before the tide returns. You can only see a stretch of white sand that stretches up to 200 meters long when it appears. In addition to the clean and beautiful white sand, visitors can also see the seawater around Pasir Timbul, which is turquoise and dark blue. Turquoise blue indicates shallow seawater, while dark blue means deep.

The seawater is also so clear that the bottom can be seen with the naked eye. This location is perfect for visiting those who like snorkeling and diving.

More Exotic Destinations Around It

Pasir Timbul is located between two islands. Not far from Pasir Timbul, there are Kri Island and Koh Island, which also have their own beauty. But the location is more inclined to Koh Island. Many visitors take advantage of this view as a photo object. In fact, there is also a group that makes Pasir Timbul a place for pre-wedding photos.

How To Reach Pasir Timbul Beach?

Besides taking a long time, the cost of visiting Pasir Timbul is also quite expensive because this tourist location is in the middle of the sea and not on the beach. 

For those who want to visit here, it is usually available in travel tour packages to Raja Ampat. However, suppose you’re going to plan your holiday to Pasir Timbul beach by yourself roughly. In that case, you need a budget of around IDR 5-7 million to rent a fast boat.

This ship can also accommodate 15 people, which can be a joint venture. In addition, you will also have to pay a conservation entrance fee of IDR 500 thousand for domestic tourists. And IDR 1 million for foreign tourists.

Therefore, if you want to visit Pasir Timbul, tourists can reach this location not far from Wisai, the capital city of Raja Ampat. The available vehicles only use motorboats with a travel time of 30 minutes.

Even though it took a long journey and cost a lot of money, the sacrifice was immediately paid off when you were finally at Pasir Timbul.

So, that’s a travel guide to the most exotic spot in Raja Ampat, Pasir Timbul Beach. Don’t forget always to keep the tourist sites clean!