Abdul Faris Umlati: Early Life, Career, and His Contributions to Raja Ampat

Abdul Faris Umlati

Abdul Faris Umlati was the Regent of Raja Ampat for the 2016-2021 period. Then, how were his early life, education, and career? Read the information below.

Early Life of Abdul Faris Umlati

Abdul Faris Umlati was born on February 12, 1973, in Sorong, West Papua. He is married to Fauzia Helga Tampubolon.

Faris has six children and completed his education at Yapis University in Papua, Jayapura.

Political Career

From 1999 to 2009, Abdul Faris Umlati was an entrepreneur in the construction and supplier services industries.

He also held the position of Deputy Chair of the Raja Ampat Regency Regional People’s Representative Council for two terms, from 2009 to 2014 and from 2014 to 2015.

Afterward, in 2016–2021, he was appointed as the Regent of Raja Ampat.

He also served as chairman of the Raja Ampat Regency Democratic Party Branch’s Leadership Council.
Since 2018, he has been the chairman of the West Papua Provincial Democratic Party’s Regional Leadership Council.


Abdul Faris Umlati, also known as AFU, received an award from the World Indonesia Achievement Institute (LEPRID) for his achievements in developing Raja Ampat regency into a world-class destination and sending Raja Ampat regency as the world’s best Diving Location (Dive Magazine Version).

When receiving the award, AFU was very honored. According to him, this is the success and achievement of the entire Raja Ampat community for the encouragement and joint support of the local government to develop and advance tourism in Raja Ampat regency.

He is very grateful to the World Indonesia Achievement Institute or LEPRID for giving awards to him as Regent and to the Raja Ampat government.

To the media, Abdul Faris Umlati added that this achievement is also the achievement of the Raja Ampat community in supporting tourism in Raja Ampat.

Awarding the 2021 Youth Award of the World Indonesia Achievement Institute to the Regent of Raja Ampat is inseparable from the cooperation and communication between regional heads and leaders of Regional Apparatus Organizations within the Raja Ampat regency government.

For its achievements, the World Indonesia Achievement Institute (Leprid) was acclaimed and recorded as the 701st record.

Abdul Faris Umlati and The Mayan

Abdul Faris Umlati appreciated Johanes’ presence in the fight for the Mayans’ rights and the Mayan Traditional Council’s recognition.

AFU stated that the Mayans valued the existing ecosystem for its ability to sustain flora and fauna.
The Mayans have been encouraged to better protect marine ecosystems by the designation of West Papua Province as a conservation province and making it a popular tourist destination. Including excessive ecosystem management in Raja Ampat.

Abdul Faris Umlati added that his party is dedicated to promoting Mayan legality. Among other things, by asking the Head of the Raja Ampat National Unity Council and Politics, Abdul Manaf Wihel, to immediately withdraw the dualism of the organization acting on behalf of the Mayan Traditional Council.

Simultaneously requesting collaboration from parties operating in Raja Ampat with the legitimate Maya Customary Council.

Additionally, the Papuan Traditional Council Region III Domberay has acknowledged it and included it in the political and national unity of Raja Ampat and West Papua.

Faris also recommended Frederika Wader and Badarudin Mayalibit, both members of the Mayan Customary Council, for membership in the Papuan People’s Assembly.

Under Abdul Faris Umlati’s leadership, development was focused on the tourism sector, which is Raja Ampat’s main potential. Raja Ampat Regency is now a world tourism icon, tourists flock to it.

The people of Raja Ampat’s economy has also grown due to tourists’ visits. Naturally, the people and the Regent of Raja Ampat, Abdul Faris Umlati, have put in a lot of effort to achieve this.