About Unique Traditional Musical Instruments In West Papua

About Unique Traditional Musical Instruments In West Papua

Music is beautiful because it attracts anyone, young, old, western, eastern, male, or female. Even some traditional musical instruments also produce unique sounds. One of the provinces that keep traditional arts with special musical instruments is West Papua. If you’re curious, get ready to be captivated by the province’s traditional musical instruments like this review!

Get to Know the Traditional Musical Instruments In Papua

1. Triton

One of the musical instruments that you can find in Papua is the Triton. This unique musical instrument is made of shells, so the shape is very distinctive. To play this instrument, you have to blow with your mouth. If you want to find Triton, it can be found in several places around the coastal area. Some of the places include Raja Ampat, Waropen, Yapen, Wondama, Nabire, and Biak.

Before it became a traditional musical instrument, it turned out that Triton was used as a communication tool in the past. The purpose becomes a marker or summoning a tribe in the forest West Papua to interact well. However, the times have made this tool used as entertainment. The sound is more melodic when combined with the strains of other traditional musical instruments.

2. Pikon

In addition to musical instruments made of shells, you can also find musical instruments made of Bamboo. Local Papuans believe that Pikon is taken from the Balinese language, which means sound. This musical instrument is usually played by Dani men. Most of them play Pikon in their spare time after working all day to entertain themselves.

3. Yi

Having a unique name like Chinese, this traditional musical instrument is actually from Indonesia. Yi is almost similar to the traditional Triton musical instrument West Papua, which is helpful in calling people around the forest. But in modern times, it is used as a musical instrument or to accompany traditional Papuan dances. The shape is unique because it is made of bamboo and wood

4. Guoto

Guoto is a traditional Papuan musical instrument made of ox skin. In addition, there are also other materials in the form of strings and wood to produce a musical sound. This instrument is played by plucking by hand. This unique musical game is often an attraction for tourists visiting Papua. Even because of its uniqueness, you can only see Guoto in Papua.

5. Krombi

The following musical instrument that you can find in West Papua is called the Krombi. It is a musical instrument used to accompany traditional dances or important traditional events. To play it, this instrument utilizes a small piece of wood. Then, you have to tap on the available wood. Its distinctive sound is produced from the primary material, namely bamboo, to create a beautiful sound.

Those are some traditional musical instruments that you can know from Papua. Although it seems ancient, this musical instrument is a symbol of the wealth of the Indonesian nation. For this reason, you should be proud because of a unique musical instrument. Even though you live in the modern era, there are many intelligent ways to maintain traditional arts from various provinces.