Adrian Mattheis Record, Beat Former World Champion

Adrian Mattheis record

Adrian Mattheis’ record is no longer in doubt. This fighter also had positive results when he fought at ONE: LIGHTS OUT at the Singapore Indoor Stadium Friday (11/3/2022) against Brazilian fighter Alex Silva.

Facts about Adrian Mattheis Record, Beat Former World Champion

Adrian Mattheis has extraordinary fighting talent. Here are five facts related to Adrian Mattheis’ victory in the biggest match of his career:

1. Reinforces Status as an Accomplished Finisher

Adrian’s victory via TKO also extended his winning streak through the finish that Adrian achieved. Of the 10 wins, Adrian won nine via KO/TKO or submission.

In ONE Championship’s strawweight division, that finish is the highest of any athlete and confirms his status as the best finisher to date at least.

Considering Adrian’s hunger to finish off his opponent, it’s not wrong if he’s considered a cold-blooded fighter.

There is nothing more satisfying for Adrian than seeing his opponent lying helpless or giving up on the fight than having to wait for the jury’s assessment.

2. The First Indonesian Athlete to Beat the Top 5 Fighters

In ONE Championship, facing the top five athletes in the rankings is a rare feat.

However, Adrian Mattheis record was able to bust that myth and even beat the fifth-ranked challenger in the strawweight division.

Even more remarkable, the match against Alex Silva was Adrian’s dream for a long time. He admitted that the BJJ black belt owner had been his idol for a long time.

The BJJ world champion is the one who inspired Adrian to break into the global MMA scene.

This victory also means more to Adrian Mattheis because Alex Silva is the person who defeated Stefer Raharadian via submission in the second round.

What is unique, Stefer is the person who beat Adrian in the derby match in Jakarta in 2019.

3. The First Fighter to Win by Knockout Against Alex Silva

As an elite grappler, Alex Silva is known as the most fearsome athlete in his division. Evidently, before facing Adrian, he had never lost via KO/TKO or submission.

Since turning professional in MMA in 2011, Silva has suffered six defeats, all of which were decided by decision.

However, that pride collapsed when Adrian overthrew Silva with a solid right hand.

Adrian should now be proud because he earned his name as the first athlete to give Silva a TKO defeat in his long career in the MMA world.

4. Indonesian Athlete With the Most Wins

When it comes to the most wins for Indonesian athletes in ONE Championship, that record was previously won by Sunoto, a veteran fighter who has been competing in ONE since 2015.

The athlete nicknamed “The Terminator” has won 10 wins, with a record of five via referee decisions, two via KO/TKO, and three via submission. Adrian has now matched this record.

Unfortunately, his fight against Tial Thang at ONE: BAD BLOOD in February had to end in a no-contest due to an illegal attack Tial threw at Sunoto.

Next, ONE Championship will stage ONE X at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. This decade-anniversary event will feature five title bouts and dozens of other world-class bouts.

5. The Owner of the Most KO / TKO Records in His Division

Apart from recording his name as the owner of the most completions, Adrian Mattheis also won the most KO/TKO titles in his division. Five out of 10 wins via KO/TKO and four via submission.

The KO / TKO victory has made him the owner of the most knockouts.

Previously, he held the same record as Joshua Pacio (4), the owner of the most knockouts. With this achievement, Adrian can face the divisional ruler in the future.

Adrian Mattheis’ record has been achieving something no Indonesian athlete has ever achieved: beating the former ONE Championship world champion.