Aitumeri Hill: The Beginning of Papuan Civilization

Aitumeri Hill The Beginning of Papuan Civilization - Aitumeri Hill

Indonesia is a country that has a diverse topography. From beaches, oceans, and valleys, to hills, everything exists in Indonesia. This also applies on the island of Papua, including in West Papua. One of the most famous hills in West Papua is Aitumeri Hill. This is a hill that has an interesting history.

The citizens know Aitumeri as a hill that holds many stories. Historians believe that Aitumeri is a hill that witnessed the beginning of the civilization of the Papuans. Here is the story behind the hills of Aitumeri!

The Story Behind Aitumeri Hill

The Story Behind Aitumeri Hill

If you are wondering about the location of Aitumeri Hill, it exists in Wondama Bay. Precisely, the hill of Aitumeri is located in Wasior District. There is a lot of historical heritage on this site that you can visit.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the hill of Aitumeri is very important to the Papuans. The hills of Aitumeri are probably an important part of the history of Wondama Bay. That is where Isyak Samuel Kijne thinks and contemplates the progress of society and civilization in Papua.

There are at least three historical places that you can visit in the hills of Aitumeri. The three places are Batu Inspirasi (The Stone of Inspiration), Batu Peradaban (The Stone of Civilization), and an old school. Here is the explanation regarding that!

1. The Story Behind The Stones

The first historical heritage that you need to visit is probably The Stone of Inspiration. Or, locals call this place Batu Inspirasi. This site is the furthest historical heritage site that you can find in the hills of Aitumeri. It is also one of the tourist attractions in Teluk Wondama.

Aside from that, there is also The Stone of Civilization. Locals also know that site as Batu Peradaban. The citizens believe that this site is where the civilization of the society in Papua began.

In those two stones, you could see that there are a lot of visitors who leave their money there. This shows that they really value this site.

This is the stone where Isyak Samuel Kijne searched for inspiration. He sat on the stone and thought about how he can bring the Papuan people to a better civilization. He is probably one of the most important figures in the history of evangelism in Wondama Bay.

To get to the site, you need to walk and climb stairs for approximately 30 minutes. However, during the trip you will be spoiled with splendid views and also a variety of beautiful birds. So, it would definitely be worth it.

2. The Story Behind The School

As we already know, to achieve a great civilization we need a great education. This is probably why Isyak Samuel Kijne built a school here. This school in the hills of Aitumeri was one of the educational centers in Papua in the past. It is part of an important history of Roon Island, where District Wasior is located.

The school is probably the place where the best Papuans come from. As for now, the government has renovated the old school into a middle school. It is called SMP Yayasan Pendidikan Kristen or YPK Aitumieri. Even now, there are still many Papuan children who go to school there.

Final Words

The hills of Aitumeri have many histories about the beginning of the civilization of the Papuan people. So, it is clear that this place has the potential to become one of the best tourist destinations in Wondama Bay. It can give you historical and cultural tourism experiences.

Besides, not far from the location of The Stone of Inspiration and The Stone of Civilization, there is a waterfall. You can enjoy the fresh air, see the wonderful scenery, and hear the birds singing here. So, you can probably also enjoy nature tourism at Aitumeri Hill.