All You Need To Know About Popular Destination In West Papua

All You Need To Know About Popular Destination In West Papua

The easternmost landfill of Indonesia has many extraordinary natural attractions. Not only local tourists but the popularity of West Papua is also popular internationally. It is because there are many natural charms on this island. If you stay on vacation, there are several recommendations for the most popular destinations that you can visit. Check out this information!

Best Destination You Need to Know

1. Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat is one of the signatures of Papua. These islands are often a favorite destination for tourists because of their underwater scenery. That is why the subaquatic view has become one of the best diving spots on earth. Tourists from abroad also want to enjoy the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat because of the beauties.

2. Archaeological Site of Tapurarang

The site, which is located in the Kokas District, is a relic of prehistoric times. This site became famous in West Papua because of a painting of human and animal palms on a steep rock cliff. This painting can be seen if you pass through various tracks that are challenging. While seeing the natural charms that exist, you can at the same time try new challenges from the track.

In addition, what makes this site interesting is the fact that it existed in prehistoric times. Even though it is hundreds of years old, the paintings made from natural materials are still clearly visible until modern times. The red color in cliff paintings is believed to come from the color of human blood. For these reasons, local people call it blood handprint painting.

3. Framu Lake

You need to visit beautiful Framu Lake in West Papua. You will be treated to water as clear as a mirror when you visit this lake. Not only is the color crystal clear, but sometimes the color of the lake also tends to be blue, which refreshes the eyes. The gradations of light blue, clear, and green seem to reflect the shadows of the shady trees around it.

4. Triton Bay Beach

You can also visit the coast of Triton Bay, which presents a natural charm that is so charming. The underwater panorama of this beach is also no less beautiful than Raja Ampat. You can find rare and exotic coral reefs. For those of you who like snorkeling and diving activities, you should stop by this beach. The charm of dusk will accompany you when you linger on Triton Bay Beach.

5. Mount Meja Natural Tourism Park

All You Need To Know About Popular Destination In West PapuaPopular Destination in

Located in Manokwari, West Papua you can do various tourism activities in this spot. The place is also known as a protection system for numerous types of plants, animals, and the uniqueness of nature. While in this place, you can do some exciting activities, such as hiking, trekking, etc. Despite the fact walking through this place, you will treat to hundreds of types of trees and rattan here.

In conclusion, you can choose Papua as one of your favorite destinations to spend your vacation time. If you want to find some fresh area, visit natural attractions in the form of beaches and lakes that have amazing beauty. If you want to challenge your adrenaline, there are sites located on cliffs with steep tracks and also mountain tourism parks.