5 Problems According to Amnesty International West Papua

Amnesty International West Papua

Amnesty International for West Papua stated that West Papua deserves to be defended.

Many factors caused Amnesty International to speak out, one of which was race and several other very disturbing issues.

Amnesty International West Papua and its 5 Long Issues

Amnesty International West Papua addresses five issues in its project.

Even though there are several other problems, these five problems are still the highlights and need to be resolved soon.

1. Restrictions on Access to Information

The attack on the Papuan children in Malang caused extraordinary commotion and broke the hearts of the news listeners.

For this reason, Amnesty International West Papua includes this as one reason, namely the limited access to information.

The government has made a quick decision so that the information does not reach Papua and West Papua. They have an alibi for hoaxes and slander news, which worsens all information.

Information is everything. However, the government closed it down and left the Papuans in the dark. Then, they could not speak the opinions and aspirations in their souls’ depths.

2. Inadequate Conditions for Nduga Refugees

Nduga is one of the issues discussed at Amnesty International West Papua.

In 2018, the Papua National Liberation Army Operation was allegedly involved in killing 28 construction workers in Nduga Regency.

They are looking for a safe place to avoid the disaster that can come at any time.

They are in inhumane conditions and deprived of essential facilities, such as electricity, health services, and sanitation. Children also find it difficult to access education.

Amnesty International said emphatically that the government should give them the title of genuine refugees by providing the same health, food, and education facilities as other regions.

3. The Fate of Peaceful Papuan Activists 

Last year, six activists – Dano Tabuni, Charles Kossay, Ambrosius Awalt, Isay Wenda, Ariana Lokbere,

And Surya Anta Ginting – were arrested on charges of organizing a peaceful protest in front of the Presidential Palace in Jakarta.

While in prison, their lawyer stated that the police had prohibited them from accompanying and providing legal assistance during interrogation.

It violates the principle of a fair trial and greatly concerns Amnesty International.

The outstanding Papuan youth is only expressing his opinion. But they’re all charged with reasons which risked life sentences. Having access to lawyers at all stages of the law is sad.

4. Violation of the Right to Associate and Assemble

Did you know that Papua is still and will always be a victim of racism in Indonesia?

Some time ago, there was a case of brawls and attacks perpetrated by racist elements who attacked a Papuan children’s hostel in Malang, East Java.

Monkeys and other nasty things shouted at the Papuan child.

This insult causes the Papuan people to feel the need to defend themselves and voice their opinion. However, Papuan children consider provocative.

5. Extrajudicial Killings and Arbitrary Detention

There are no other words but pathetic and pity. According to Amnesty International,

They have conducted research, and 95 percent of Papuan civilians have died at the hands of law enforcement officers who are inhumane and indiscriminate.

Some problems like there was a commotion or something like that happened.

That’s where the apparatus acted heinous and did not think about the consequences that occurred. They are so violent and ruthless to arbitrary violence.

There is no effective and impartial independent mechanism for public complaints about human rights violations by security forces. Victims find it difficult to get justice, truth, and reparation.

Amnesty International West Papua is an international non-governmental organization to promote all human rights.

Amnesty, which also highlights West Papua, hopes that all problems will improve.