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Within The Past Five Years, The Development Of Papua In Indonesia Has Intensified. It Includes The Development Of Infrastructure In West Papua.

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In West Papua, the price of fuel is now equal to the price in other provinces in Indonesia. Besides that, Indonesia’s government has also begun to build infrastructure in the province. Formerly, it took five hours to travel from one district to another. Now, it only takes 30 minutes. 

There are both advantages and disadvantages to Papua’s mountainous terrain. Previously, the people had to go around the mountains to reach their destination. Along with increasing the distance traveled, gravel and steep terrain also make it difficult for the Papuans to reach their destinations quickly.

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In the past five years, West Papua has seen considerable development in its infrastructure. President Joko Widodo, often called Jokowi, promotes the development of infrastructure in Indonesia.

Those living in remote areas will benefit from the toll roads, railways, and infrastructure constructions. Papua and West Papua Provinces are top priorities for infrastructure development.

If the infrastructure, roads, and ports in Papua are good, the economy will grow faster. It is because the distribution of goods and people will increase. Thus, the President prioritized building many roads to facilitate logistics distribution.

Development of Transportation Routes in Papua

Building transportation routes is one of the infrastructure development plans in Papua and West Papua. These include the trans-Papua road, the road to the districts, and a bridge called Youtefa Bridge.


Indonesia is currently building a road project called the Trans Papua road. With 3462 kilometers-lengths, this road plays a significant role in Papua’s economy. In the past, most goods were shipped by airplane. However, the distribution now takes place by car.

Not just from an economic standpoint, children in Papua now have shorter routes to school. This road has greatly benefited them since they can concentrate in class better due to the shorter travel time.

The Youtefa Bridge

The Youtefa Bridge is one of the magnificent buildings the government just completed. The bridge is a landmark of Jayapura. Located in Youtefa Bay, it is very majestic and will reduce the travel time between Holtekamp and Hamadi.

The new Youtefa Bridge has cut travel time to the Skouw border post from Jayapura City by 70 minutes. Before this, crossing from one area to another took all day.

Cross-Border Road

As well as building inter-district roads, the Indonesian government is also building 1,098 km of border roads in Papua. The road separates the city of Jayapura and the state of Papua New Guinea. Very cool!

Facilities and infrastructure development

One of the developments the people of Papua have been waiting for is happening now. Papua’s infrastructure and facilities are progressing, from building international-standard airports, hospitals, ports, cross-border posts, and stadiums.

Building airports

Approximately ten airports are under construction. There are five airports in Papua Province: Ewer Airport, Kepi Airport, Ilaga Airport, Oksibil Airport, Nabire Baru Airport, and Mopah Airport.

The construction of four airports in West Papua Province is presently taking place. They are Rendani Manokwari Airport, Raja Ampat Waisai Airport, Wasior Baru Airport, and Siboru Fak-fak New Airport.


Further, TNI LB Moerdani General Hospital in Margamulya District, Merauke Regency, is under construction.


So far, the government has constructed Depapre Port, Nabire Port, Pomako Port, Moor Port, and Serui Port in Papua Province. There is also Kaimana Port in West Papua Province.

The Cross-Border Post

A cross-border post, or PLBN, exists between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The building has appeared magnificent in the past five years. You are welcome to visit PLBN Skouw in Jayapura.

The Lukas Enembe Stadion

The Stadion is one of the buildings that Papua has long-awaited. A football stadium! PON, the biggest sporting event in Indonesia, was held in this stadium.

Football is Papua’s favorite sport. Here is home to many top soccer players in Indonesia. There was a particular reason for building this stadium: it recognized the remarkable potential of Papuan football players.

One-Price Fuel

Infrastructure development in West Papua has resulted in this domino effect. Now, the price of the fuel is the same as on Java.

Having a lower fuel price allows us to allocate the extra revenue to our daily needs. We are truly grateful for this.

Rehabilitating the Papuan market

A market is one of the places where the government places a high priority on development. In essence, the market is the engine of the economy. Some examples are the Wouma market in Wamena and Thumburuni market in Fakfak, West Papua.

East Palapa ring

Get ready for fast internet in East Indonesia! In 2022, the government will build a fiber-optic construction project.

The ‘Silicon Valley’ of Papua

Through the Papua Youth Creative Hub, the government also wants to develop the creativity of Papuan and West Papuan children. The area will become Papua’s ‘Silicon Valley’ in science, arts and culture, and sports.


Within five years, there are massive infrastructure developments in Papua. The progress made in Papua certainly makes us, the people of Papua, very happy. As part of Indonesia, West Papua can grow and develop further.



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