The Spectacular Anenderat, A Seven-Tiered Waterfall in Tambrauw, West Papua

West Papua
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Known for its spectacular seven-tiered fall, Ananderat Waterfall is located in Siakwa village, Miyah district, Tambrauw District, West Papua. Like a hidden gem, Anenderat Waterfall lies amidst the dense rainforest. 

While many haven’t heard of Anenderat Waterfall, the tourist attraction is quite popular. In fact, several groups of foreign tourists have come to visit the waterfall to see its beauty as well as see firsthand the birds of paradise in their natural habitat.

West Papua
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Beautiful Well-Preserved Nature

Locals believe that the waterfall is a source of life for their ancestors, and it is their duty to maintain its purity. That’s why the community always keeps the waterfall and river clean. The local community also uses the surrounding area for traditional ceremonies.

Spectacular View during the Trip

Your trip to the waterfall will be fun and rewarding. If you go there from Manokwari, you will get to see Kebar Valley. You can also stop for a moment to relax in the natural hot springs of War Aremi before continuing your journey to the Anenderat waterfall in the Miyah District.

How to Get There

Tambrauw Regency is between Sorong City and Manokwari Regency, West Papua Province. Therefore, the waterfall can be reached via Manokwari or Sorong. From Domine Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong, it takes approximately 10 hours to reach Miyah with the following route: 3-4 hours from Sorong – Sausapor (Temporary Capital Tambrauw), 3 hours from Sausapor – Fef (Capital Tambrauw), and 3 hours from Fef – Miyah. Meanwhile, from Rendani Airport in Manokwari, Miyah can be reached in about 5 hours. It takes about 3-4 hours from Manokwari to Kebar, and then another hour from Kebar to Miyah.

The waterfall lies behind a village in Miyah District, West Papua. If you bring your own vehicle, you can park at the Miyah District Office. The entrance to the waterfall is right next to the District office, Jalan Weku No. 1 Kampung Siakwa. 

To get to the waterfall, you will need to walk about 300 meters through a small neighborhood in Siakwa village and then cross the 15-meter wide Kamundan river. The river is usually only 40cm deep but, when it rains, the water level rises, and the stream gets stronger. You may need to wait until it’s safe to cross the river, and if you’re coming with friends, be sure to hold on to each other.

After crossing the river, you need to walk a little more into the woods, through a fairly steep and slippery path. Mind your step and be careful.

Arriving at the waterfall, you will find a beautiful seven-tiered waterfall as high as 200 meters. Each tier is separated by a pool where local people usually fish.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Anenderat Waterfall is during the dry season. With less rainfall, the water is clearer, and it’s also safe to cross the river. 

Other things to do

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the waterfall and the culture of Siakwa Village, tourists can watch the beautiful cenderawasih—the birds of paradise—and other exotic, colorful birds in the area.

Where to stay

With the waterfall being opened to public, this village also provides live-in accommodation. Tourists can stay in a 4-room house that accommodates up to 6 people.

In addition to the well-known Raja Ampat, West Papua has a lot more beautiful nature to explore. Anenderat Waterfall is just one of the many that offer such a beautiful view and spectacular experience. So, if you find yourself in Papua, be sure to come visit Anenderat Waterfall.