The History of Anggi Lakes: Legendary Twin Lakes

The History of Anggi Lakes Legendary Twin Lakes

Talking about the charm of the land of West Papua is definitely endless. All of them are enchanting, from Doreri Bay, White Sand Beach, to Arfak Mountains. In the mountains of Arfak, you can also find twin lakes. People call that place the Anggi Lakes. It is probably one of the most legendary lakes.

Despite the nickname, the twin lake is not exactly a twin. They are even located at different heights. However, it is still around the same area that is Arfak Mountains Nature Reserve. The lake is probably one of the tourist attractions near Manokwari that you should visit.

The History Behind the Twin Lake

The History Behind the Twin Lake

Besides its beauty, one of the most interesting things about the twin lakes is definitely its story. If you love folklore, then you will love it. It is because there is folklore behind the story of the twin lakes. Local citizens believe that the twin lakes formed because of forbidden love.

Centuries ago, a man fell in love with a woman. However, they come from different tribes. So, it is understandable that there are some differences in their culture. It makes them unable to marry and have to take a different path. That makes them sad and cry.

They cry in sorrow for days because of the separation. Then, the cries of the two people turned into a lake. The cry of the man turned into the Anggi Giji Lake. Meanwhile, the cry of the woman turned into the Anggi Gida Lake. This is why local citizens refer to them as male and female lakes.

So, that was the folklore of Anggi Lake.

What You Can Enjoy in the Twin Lakes

Tourist attractions near Manokwari

For you, nature lovers, then the twin lakes are heaven. Because here you can see the beauty of the lakes. Not one, but two at once. Both two lakes have significant differences. Especially in terms of color. One has a darker color, and the other has a lighter one.

Aside from the water, the color of the sand is also different. The darker one has brown sand, and the lighter one has white sand. The surroundings caused the difference. Aside from that, the microorganisms that live there also make the two lakes have different colors.

Besides the beauty of the lakes, you can also enjoy untouched nature. This place is perfect for those who want to escape daily activities. Then there are many endemic bird species that you can find here. In short, it is the hidden paradise near Manokwari.

Cultural Tourism in the Twin Lakes

Cultural Tourism in the Twin Lakes

Aside from nature tourism, you could also do cultural tourism in the twin lakes. Because here you could find residential areas of the native tribes of Manokwari. It is called the Arfak Tribe. One of the biggest tribes and also the native tribe of the Arfak Mountains.

The tribe is still embracing its tribal culture. You can still see their traditional houses as well. So, you can freely interact with them and also experience their culture. You do not have to worry because the Arfak Tribe is approachable. They are the friendliest ones compared to other Papuan mountain tribes.

How to Go There

How to Go There - Anggi Lakes

To visit the twin lake, you can come from Rendani Airport in Manokwari. After that, you can come to the Arfak Mountains Regency by car. You probably need around 4 hours to get there. Then, you can climb the Arfak Mountains. You can climb on foot or take a Rangers to get to the top.

The journey is quite tiring. However, your fatigue will be instantly cured when you see the beauty of Anggi Lake because it is one of the gorgeous lakes you can find worldwide.