Anu Beta Tubat: Mutual Cooperation of Maybrat People

Anu Beta Tubat

It is already common knowledge that the motto is one of the most important things for most people. Whether it is a motto for yourself or a motto that is being used in society. Most countries, and even regions, have a motto. For example, Maybrat people in Papua, have a motto called Anu Beta Tubat.

This motto has already existed in the past. Then, the people of Maybrat passed it down from generation to generation until now. In fact, because the motto is very attached to society, UNESCO made it an intangible cultural art in 2017. This originates from the gotong royong tradition in Papua, especially Maybrat.

The Meaning of Anu Beta Tubat


The Meaning of Anu Beta Tubat

For those of you who still do not know, gotong royong is a habit that exists in Indonesian society. It includes the land of Papua as well. To be precise, in Maybrat Regency, West Papua Province. The literal meaning of the word gotong royong is cooperation.

For the people of Maybrat, this tradition manifests the Anu Beta Tubat motto. The meaning of this motto for Maybrat people is to form togetherness to maintain and preserve socio-cultural cohesion. In literal meaning, the word Anu Beta Tubat means “together we lifted”.

This is because, since ancient times, the ancestors of the Maybrat people have already realized the importance of cooperation. Apart from getting a better life, they also do this to maintain a harmonious society.

The History Behind Anu Beta Tubat

The History Behind Anu Beta Tubat

As you already know that the culture of Anu Beta Tubat has been around since ancient times, you also need to know the history behind it. At that time, the Maybrat region’s nature was very fierce. Karst mountains surround the Maybrat area, so it is less fertile.

Because of the erratic rains, the plants they planted began to die. Therefore, the Maybrat people live by hunting animals, searching the fruits in the wood, and looking for fish in the lake. They would only be able to conquer the malign nature with cooperation between the societies.

From there, the Maybrat people began to pass this cultural tradition on to their descendants. Not only for the people of Maybrat, but also for society.

The Current Practice of Anu Beta Tubat

The practice of Anu Beta Tubat still exists today. The main point is the burden of one person to be jointly borne by the entire community of Maybrat. For example, to help people open gardens or fields and help the child with school financing.

Aside from that, they also help construct a hostel for children who go to school in the city, thesis fees, and graduation fees. Then, if any Maybrat people are getting married, they will help them. They will help each other to pay the dowry. Because usually, the dowry is Timor clothes.

For those of you who still need to learn, Timor clothes are very valuable for Maybrat people. The price can even reach hundreds of millions of rupiah. That is why the people of Maybrat help each other pay the dowry when community members marry.

Apart from at the time of the wedding, they also need to pay for Timorese cloth if there is a violation of custom. Therefore, the community will also help if other people need to pay customary fines. Then, they will also help each other build permanent homes for community members.

So, it is clear that Anu Beta Tubat is a good motto to practice. Until now, this practice is still often carried out by the community. Especially when it comes to education for their children.