Arborek Tourism Village, The Enchanting Destination in West Papua

Arborek Tourism Village, The Enchanting Destination in West Papua

Arborek village became a pioneer of beautiful villages in West Papua, which started the development of marine conservation. Arborek has an excellent reputation among local authorities and the international community. With the government’s help, research centers, and community institutions, Arborek has a stunning beauty. If you are interested in this information, check here!

About the Arborek Village

With a population of only 197 people, interacting with residents is very easy and fast. You can find a variety of stunning underwater beauty here. Along the Arborek pier, divers can immediately dive into the water and instantly discover the incredible diversity. In addition, the people at Arborek are friendly and very skilled when it comes to making unique crafts.

Not only that but Arborek Tourism Village West Papua is also known for making noken (string bags) and hats. Almost all mothers in this village produce handicrafts as their livelihood. Although they believe that catching lobsters and working in pearl agro-production are more profitable, they feel that handicrafts are more respectable because they are ideal for women.

The Activities in Arborek Village

Arborek Tourism Village, West Papua – TOP INDONESIA HOLIDAYS

This tourist village is not very large in size. The land is only about 7 hectares. It won’t take much time and effort if you want to get around the village. There are only about 40 families living in the village. If you live in a village, then walking is an ideal choice to get to know your holiday destination. It provides an unforgettable experience as a tourist in West Papua.

Walking down the country roads will also give you the opportunity to interact with the locals. Especially children will welcome and get to know you warmly when they meet. Meanwhile, if you want to dive to enjoy the underwater beauty, it will likely take about 15-20 minutes by motorized boat to the dive site.

However, if you just want to snorkel in the water sea, try walking towards the pier. Around this area, you can already see the beauty of the underwater world and coral reefs. The seawater of this beach looks crystal-clear blue, so it is effortless to see the beauty of the sea. For those of you who want to have the best experience while on vacation, visit Arborek village as the primary reference,

How to Get on Arborek Tourism Village

You can easily reach Arborek Village West Papua with just a two-hour drive from Raja Ampat. There are many boats ready to take tourists to Arborek village. The location of this village is far from the city, so don’t expect luxury or modern facilities. But visitors don’t have to worry about accommodation, transportation or basic necessities. All these things are available in the Arborek village.

This village has been developed into a tourist village so that the local government ensures that tourists are not disappointed when vacationing in Arborek Village. There are several small shops owned by local residents that provide a variety of daily needs. However, if you do not find goods or products in these shops, visitors must go further to the Waisai or Sorong areas.