Exploring Baki Swamp, the Famous Asmat Swamp

Asmat Swamp

Asmat Swamp is one of the best tourist attractions in Asmat Regency. Its location is inside a protected forest, offering the perfect landscape for your adventure.

Let’s Explore Swamp Baki, the Famous Asmat Swamp

Asmat district offers an extraordinary experience for tourists.

This area is suitable for adventure because of its challenging landscape, such as the Asmat Swamp or what is commonly called the Baki Swamp.

Here’s the facts about Asmat Swamp you should know :

1. Having Abundant Natural Wealth

Swamp Baki can be a choice of tourist attraction in Asmat Papua. This place has abundant natural wealth, especially animal species.

In 2018, this area had 428 species of animals, 13 types of orchids, and 107 species of woody plants.

Some of them are even rare, so tourists need the luck to be able to meet them. Visitors will also find beautiful plants, including the famous local orchids.

At least 37 species of orchids thrive in Swamp Baki. Tourists only need to come to witness all these beautiful flowers during the blooming season.

As for other animals, there are reptiles, birds, butterflies, amphibians, and others.

2. Beautiful Photography

The first thing to enjoy is nothing but beautiful photography. Therefore, taking a camera with you when exploring the area is recommended.

Another tip is that tourists must wear proper footwear and clothing during exploration. After all, they will conquer the wilderness. Plus, the track is challenging.

Asmat Regency has natural wealth in the form of vast lowland forests with many rivers.

In addition to natural beauty, the culture of the people of Asmat Regency is also one of the existing tourist charms.

With plains inundated by swamps throughout the year, the residents’ houses in Asmat Regency also have their own uniqueness compared to other areas in Papua.

3. Settlements Above the Swamp

Nearly 99 percent of the settlement locations in Asmat are built on swamps where the soil structure never dries out.

To go to other districts, one can only go through the waterway because there is no land road construction in Asmat.

Water routes can be reached through river transportation, such as motorized or fast boats.

Local people still ride kole-kole, namely canoes, to go to another village or head to the forest to look for sago.

Asmat is located in a lowland, swampy, and at an altitude of 10 above sea level with an area of 23,748 square kilometers.

The whole area is a swamp, so there are no vegetable or fruit gardens.

Residents’ houses are stilt houses built on swamps. No clean water wells exist, so residents rely on rainwater for bathing and cooking.

Asmat’s population has been record as 88,578, divided into 45,579 men and 42,999 women.

4. Can be Reach by Air Transportation

To go to Asmat, you can use air transportation and sea transportation.

Air routes can be traversed from two locations, Mimika and Merauke, to Ewer Airport in Agats, Asmat Regency. Flight time is about 45 minutes from Mimika or Merauke.

The local government provides subsidized flights with small-bodied aircraft, three flights a week. The ticket price for subsidized flights to Agats is around IDR 360 thousand to IDR 400 thousand.

Travel to Asmat can also done using water transportation.

From Timika to Asmat, two passenger ships are usually serve, namely KM Tatamilau and KM Lauser, with a journey time of 10-11 hours.

In contrast, if taken by passenger ship from Merauke, you can take a longer trip to Asmat, which is 36 hours by sea.

Asmat Swamp also has famous places such as Kampung Lama and Kampung Sago. For efficient exploring, hiring a local guide who knows the routes and locations is recommend.