Let’s Call Some Fishes at Bakaro Beach in West Papua

Bakaro Beach
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When you visit West Papua, you’ll be offered numerous beautiful beaches. One of the beaches is Bakaro Beach which is located in Manokwari District. The beach has become one of many favorite tourism spots by both the local and international tourists, especially for the beautiful sceneries, white sand, and the unique experience of fish-calling. Make sure to put Bakaro Beach into your itinerary list!

Bakaro Beach
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Entry Ticket Price

You just have to spend Rp 20,000 to lounge and have your peaceful and quiet time on one of the most beautiful beaches in West Papua. What a deal! You don’t even have to pay for the parking fee if you’ve paid for this entry ticket. The entry fee is cheaper than other tourist spots in the region. 


Route to Bakaro Beach

Located only 3 kilometers away from White Sand Beach. You can reach the beach by motorbike or car, but using motorbike will be a faster option since you can find your way through traffic jams and you can explore shortcuts. It’s not hard to get here and the terrain isn’t challenging. If you’re into shopping, it only takes a 15 minutes from Manokwari shopping center. First, drive past Merdeka Street, turn to Brawijaya Street, turn left to drive past White Sand Street, and you arrive at Bakaro Beach. 


Tourist Attractions

Some tourist attractions you can enjoy here are:


Once you arrive at the beach, you’ll be welcomed by rows of coconut trees on the coast and rocks. At low tide, you can take photos with the rocks and you can see the fishes on the bottom of the water even more clearly. Bakaro Beach is decorated with corals and soft white sand stretches along the coast. If you don’t like crowded place, make sure to avoid weekends and holidays since tourists will be swarming the place. Bakaro Beach also has a wonderful sunset scenery as long as you’re facing the right direction. Enjoy the romantic and serene sunset with your loved ones. 

Fish calling ritual

Aside from the beautiful scenery, Bakaro Beach is also famous for its unique fish calling ritual done by the locals. It’s been passed generations to generations and become the main attraction for the tourists. The locals use whistle made of shells as a code for the fish to come closer. Meanwhile, they also feed the fish with ant or termite nest which are commonly found in the forest around Bakaro Village. The size of the fishes varies. The smallest are 5 centimeters and the largest is the size of an adult palm. 


It is believed that the fish come because of the magical element that the native tribe possesses. It is a rare and very interesting sight since they’re calling wild fish, not pet fish. Initially, it’s a habit of the villagers because they love nature so much. They believe that the fishes are the gift from God that must be nurtured by humans. Feeding the fish is one way to nurture them, that’s why they call the fish first before feeding them. After that, a fish handler who has inherited the ability to communicate with fish will pat the surface of the water as a marker where he will give the fish food.

This attraction is able to provide additional income for people of Bakaro, especially families who still inherit the ability to call this fish to the next tradition. Usually, fish are called twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon when the water starts to rise again. This has been done for a long time, even the fish around the coast seem to know when to call this fish.

Those are the things you can do at Bakaro Beach in West Papua. Happy travelling in Bakaro Beach!

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