Bernard Sagrim: Early Life and Career

Bernard Sagrim

Bernard Sagrim is currently the regent of Maybrat. He served as regent of Maybrat in two local elections; the 2011 and 2017 regent elections. How were his early life and political career? Check it out in this article.

Early Life of Bernard Sagrim

Bernard Sagrim was born on January 5, 1966, in Ayamaru, West Papua. He is the son of Marten Sagrim and Marice Naa. His sibling, Ortisan Sagrim, also has a career in politics as a member of the West Papua People’s Representative Council.

Bernard Sagrim is married to Naomi Netty Howay and now has three children: Billy Graham Sagrim, Esterlia Ethy Sagrim, and Allen Iverson Sagrim.

The Career of Bernard Sagrim

In 1993, Sagrim started his career as a civil servant for the Jayapura Regency Government. Then he became Head of the Sorong Regency Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency in 2007-2009.

Sagrim was then appointed Acting Regent in a new regency, Maybrat Regency, a Sorong Regency division. He served as the Acting Regent of Maybrat from 2009 to 2011.

Sagrim was elected as the first definitive regent in the 2011 local elections. He was re-elected in the 2017 regent election.

From 2011 to 2016, he also headed the Maybrat Regency Golkar Party’s Regional Leadership Council. Since 2017, Bernard Sagrim has served as Maybrat’s regent.

Award and Achievements

This award is given based on performance and leadership achievements in bringing about transformations, accelerations, and brand-new innovations in the areas of public services, bureaucracy, the environment, and enhancing human resources for the advancement of Indonesia.

The charter Bernard Sagrim received is evaluated in many ways, including the provision of high-quality services, effective management, the capacity to adapt to change, and social care.

The progressions were to successfully expand 13 Districts, surpass the main District during his first term of leadership so that it became 24 Districts, and expanded 149 Villages.

Thus becoming 259 Villages to date. This is a history of change made by Bernard Sagrim.

Bernard Sagrim, First Person to Revive Wuon’s Upbringing Initiative

Under Sagrim’s leadership, the Maybrat Regency government in West Papua began reviving the culture-based coaching teaching of the Maybrat people, known as Wofle or Wuon. This was done so that the Maybrat generation could keep the culture alive for future generations and prevent it from disappearing.

Regent Bernard Sagrim has pledged that the Maybrat District Government will continue to provide moral and financial support for the Wofle education process until it is completed within the allotted time frame for each college.

According to Sagrim, Wofle’s education has an important role because it shapes the character and personal integrity of the Maybrat people, which should be preserved and passed on to generations.

This sacred education, which began to be broken back during his leadership, is expected to be a positive step that should be exemplified by all regional heads in the land of Papua by the characteristics of their respective local cultures so that they are not lost due to the influence of foreign cultures that come.

Markus Malar, a parish priest in Ayawasi, added that Wofle’s education has a cosmic and mystical spiritual science that is spiritually the same as the church priests. This means that the knowledge inspired by the creator of the universe is the same principle, even if it is used in different ways to advance morality and save the soul of mankind.

Bernard Sagrim likewise stressed that the public authority would keep leading the customary checking of teachers and students who follow the coaching process and will be graduated customarily as a joint celebration festivity straightforwardly coordinated by the Maybrat government.