Top 5 Best Attractions in Maybrat that You Must Visit

Top 5 Best Attractions in Maybrat that You Must Visit

The charm of the land of Papua is indeed endless. From its hills and valleys to the sea, everything is enchanting. The land of Papua is definitely a paradise for nature lovers. It also applies in West Papua, one of which is in Maybrat. There are many best attractions in Maybrat that you should visit.

Located on the western side of the land of Papua, Maybrat has beautiful nature. Especially if you love to go on vacation by the lake, Maybrat is the perfect place for you. Besides a ton of splendid lakes, Maybrat also has gorgeous mountains and caves. The local citizens also have an interesting culture.

Therefore, here are the tourist attractions in Maybrat that you need to visit!

1. Ayamaru Lake

Ayamaru Lake - Best attractions in Maybrat

The first tourist attraction you can visit during your trip to Maybrat is Ayamaru Lake. It is located in Kumurkek, the capital of the Maybrat Regency. Ayamaru is a type of karst lake. The lake is formed from a lime solution. Around it, there are also limestone mountains.

So, you will also be spoiled with amazing views of the limestone mountains. In addition, the lake water is still clear and natural. So, this place is perfect for those who like raw nature. Here, you can also find endemic fish that you will not be able to see anywhere else.

Ayama is one of the largest lakes in Maybrat. In the past, this place was the residence of the Maybrat tribe. So, no wonder this place is sacred to the locals. However, you can still freely come here. Aside from that, you are also allowed to take a lot of photos here.

2. Framu Lake

Framu Lake

Basically, Framu Lake is the child lake of Ayamaru. So, the position of the two lakes must be very close. If you visit Ayamaru, then you probably should visit Framu as well. It is because Framu has fantastic views. The water is clear with a turquoise color that will spoil your eyes.

If you look from above, Framu has the shape of a heart. This is why many people think that this is the perfect place to have a honeymoon. Besides the romantic atmosphere, you also can see a lot of fish here. You will also see many local children playing around the lake.

3. Uter Lake

Uter Lake

The next lake in Maybrat that you should visit is the Uter Lake. It is located in Korom, Maybrat Regency. People said that Uter is probably the clearest lake that exists in Indonesia. It has very clear water so that you can look in the mirror. The lake is still raw and natural.

Then, the view of the mountains and valleys around the lake is no less enchanting. However, the location of this lake is quite hidden. You need to pass through valleys to get here. But it is probably worth it because you can breathe in the fresh air and heal your tiredness here.

4. Petik Bintang Mountain

Petik Bintang Mountain - Best attractions in Maybrat

Aside from the lake, there is also an enchanting mountain in Maybrat. The locals call it the Petik Bintang Mountain. In the terminology term, “petik” means pluck, and “bintang” means stars. This is because you seem to be able to pluck the stars here.

At the top of the mountain, you will feel above the clouds. Therefore, picking stars feels like it will be accessible on that mountain. You can also see the view of Maybrat above the height. So, the mountain of Petik Bintang is probably a must-visit place in Maybrat.

5. Alam Mare Cave

Alam Mare Cave

Then, there is Alam Mare Cave, which you can visit during your trip to Maybrat. People also know this place as Alam Marenya Cave. It is located in Mare District. Most visitors to this cave are researchers. However, you can still visit the cave if you want to.

So, those are the best attractions in Maybrat that you should visit. Especially for those of you who like nature tourism.

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