6 The Best Papua Indonesia’s Mall & Plaza You Should Visit

Best Papua Indonesia's Mall & Plaza You Should Visit

Are you looking for a Mall in Papua Indonesia? Are you looking for a cheap shopping center in Papua? You have come to the right place.

List of the Best Mall and Plaza in Papua Indonesia

Best Papua Indonesia's Mall & Plaza You Should Visit


1. Jayapura Mall

As the name suggests, this mall is the best mall that represents the Jayapura area. This mall has six floors and has been operating since November 2, 2012. Due to its prime location in the city’s core, this retail mall is also a visitor favorite.

Jayapura Mall has many varied tenants ready to meet your daily needs or just to look for entertainment or hang out. Everything is there from supermarkets, optical shops, electronics stores, shoe stores, pharmacies, karaoke places, places to eat, to cinemas.

Address: Jl. Sam Ratulangi APO, Jayapura

Opening hours: 10.00-22.00 WIT (open Sunday at 12.00)

2. Sentani City Square

Mall Sentani City Square is one of the local shopping centers in the Sentani area. Despite having a limited number of tenants, this mall is still a fun place to hang out.

Its location, on the edge of the highway and close to Sentani Airport, also makes it an option for finding various needs. Want to eat, shop, or relax? This mall is the right and practical destination in one location.

Address: JL Raya Kemiri, Hinekombe, Sentani

Opening hours: 10.00-22.00 WIT

3. Saga MallĀ 

Saga Mall is a shopping center established in Papua Indonesia in 1995. This mall can be an alternative to other malls because its location is halfway between Jayapura and Sentani.

This shopping center in Abepura consists of three floors with a family mall concept that offers various needs. Especially the supermarket which is quite large and complete, so you can shop for your daily needs.

In addition to supermarkets, there are other tenants, clothing outlets, restaurants, optics, and others, that you can visit.

Address: Jl. Raya Abepura, Kota Baru, Abepura

Opening hours: 10.00-22.00 WIT

4. Hola Plaza

Hola Plaza has been operating since 2010. One of the best malls in Jayapura, a favorite of residents. The tenants who fill this mall are pretty varied and provide choices for visitors to find their daily needs.

In this mall, there is Amazone, where children can play. Various restaurants will pamper your stomach with mouthwatering culinary dishes.

If you want to shop for clothes, you can also do it at the Department Store, which provides a variety of style choices to keep you looking trendy.

Address: Jl. Raya Sentani, RT. 04 / RW. 02, Abepura, Hedam, Haram

Opening hours: 09.00-21.00 WIT

5. Ambon Plaza

Ambon Plaza is a shopping center in Ambon city, Maluku province, Papua Indonesia. This mall is also the oldest in the city. In this mall, there is a Matahari Department Store to serve the residents of Ambon and its surroundings.

There are various unique places in Ambon Plaza, such as KFC Ambon Plaza, Amazone game place, Gramedia Bookstore, Studio 21 cinema, and the Foodmart food shopping center.

In addition, at Ambon Plaza Mall, there is also a sales center for Mobile, I-Pads, Laptops, and Netbooks, all of which are complete at Ambon Plaza.

Address: Kel Honipopu, Sirimau, Ambon City, Maluku

Opening hours: 10.00 – 6.00 WIT

6. Sorong Mega Mall

Mall in Sorong City. This mall is one of the shopping centers of the people of Sorong City. With complete facilities and outlets, Megamall can be a destination for shopping/shopping and refreshing with family and friends.

The available outlets range from department stores, supermarkets, children’s game malls, movies (cinemas), and restaurants to bookstores.

Address: Jalan Basuki Rahmat Klabulu, Malaimsimsa, Malaingkedi, Kec. North Sorong, Sorong City, Papua Bar. 98412

Opening Hours: 08.00 – 10.00 WIT

Final Takeaway

Thus our short post this time about the list of malls and plazas in Papua Indonesia is also the last part of a series of posts about lists and malls in Papua. Which one are you interested in visiting?