6 Best Places to Visit in West Papua

Best Places to Visit in West Papua - Best Places to Visit in West Papua
Best Places to Visit in West Papua - Best Places to Visit in West Papua

You may often come across Raja Ampat in a West Papua travel guide, but did you know that the region is home to other fabulous attractions? If you dream of a vacation unlike any other, come to these best places to visit in West Papua.

From natural attractions to prehistoric sites, there will surely be something for everyone here.

1. Mansinam Island

Mansinam Island - Best Places to Visit in West Papua

The inhabitants of West Papua consider Mansinam Island to be among the most significant islands in the region. Mansinam Island, approximately six kilometers from Manokwari and located in Doreh Bay, is widely accepted as the site where West Papua’s ancient civilization was rediscovered.

The island is known for its stunning beach and the historical artifacts and tales it carries about the introduction of Christianity to the region. You may take in the majesty of a statue of Jesus like the one erected in Rio de Janeiro.

2. Bakaro Beach

Bakaro Beach

Bakaro Beach is famous for its sparkling white sand and clear sea water with a greenish tint in the sun. Among the many fantastic things to do in West Papua, a trip to Bakaro Beach is a must. There is a gorgeous sunset to enjoy and some great fishing spots around here.

Your fishing pole may double as a tasty meal if you grill it right there. If you would rather not fish, you may always take refuge from the sun and heat behind the coconut palms. Although no one has ever been able to capture heaven perfectly, this comes very close.

3. Mount Botak

Mount Botak

Mount Botak, which lies in the Momi Warren District, is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Thanks to its spectacular natural landscape, it is often considered the greatest camping spot in the country.

Stunning, faraway views of the beach and its surrounding hills may be had from the mountain’s peak. Another cool option is fishing in a nearby lake frequented by the locals.

4. Cenderawasih Bay National Park

Cenderawasih Bay National Park

In terms of size, Cenderawasih Bay National Park is one of the biggest marine parks in Indonesia. The waters of Wondama and Nabire Bays make it up. Most interestingly, the possibility of swimming with whale sharks is the major draw.

The beaches here are spotless, so you can take your time strolling around them and taking in the breathtaking vistas of the ocean. Waterfalls and hot springs are also waiting for you outside the national park.

5. The Sapta Ratna Pagoda

The Sapta Ratna Pagoda - Best Places to Visit in West Papua

The Sapta Ratna Pagoda is a great site to get a bird’s-eye view of Sorong. This pagoda is unique among its urban neighbors. It is seven stories high. When the sun is out, the city and the sunset make for a stunning photo opportunity.

You can see Doom Island in the distance from the pagoda’s peak. Once the seat of Dutch administration in Sorong, the building is now an ancient city. There are colonial artifacts from the time of Dutch military activity in Papua that can be found on the island.

6. The Archaeological Site of Tapurarang

The Archaeological Site of Tapurarang - Best Places to Visit in West Papua

What else can complete your West Papua trip other than visiting an archaeological site and learning about human history? Tapurarang maintains murals of prehistoric creatures and human palms on a very high rock cliff. These ancient murals are located from Andamata to Goras.

Against all odds, the natural dyes used to create the artwork are still vividly visible today, making it truly one-of-a-kind. The painting’s bold crimson hue is evocative of blood. For that reason, the neighborhood dubs it a “blood handprint.”

Final Words

West Papua has breathtaking landscapes, including beaches, lakes, mountains, and protected natural areas. You may expect a once-in-a-lifetime experience in any of these best places to visit in West Papua.