Best Time to Visit Papua Indonesia, Get a More Exciting Holiday

best time to visit Papua Indonesia

Before you rush off to Papua for vacation, it would be nice to know the best time to visit Papua Indonesia to get fantastic holiday moments.

For example, if you want to visit Raja Ampat, the water conditions there will cause violent waves in certain seasons.

So, if you come at the wrong time, it’s almost impossible to enjoy the natural beauty of Papua.

Here’s the Best Time to Visit Papua Indonesia

Vacation to Papua is indeed the dream of many people. This tourist location in eastern Indonesia offers a variety of stunning natural landscapes, ranging from beaches, wilderness, and oceans to underwater gardens.

Not a few local and foreign tourists visit Papua for a vacation. If you want to see it, know the best time to leave there. Here is some information about the best time to visit Papua Indonesia:

1. Best Month of the Quiet Month

September to April is the right time to visit Papua, especially in Raja Ampat.

As for the months before and after, the waters there will be choppy. Entering the month of May, the sea has begun to wave.

2. Month of Dangerous Waves

If you come in the wrong month, you won’t be able to use the boat because the waves are very fierce. If you keep forcing yourself to cross, it is hazardous and can endanger your safety.

If the waves are high, local people will not be able to sail. All activities in the waters were stopped, waiting for the weather to improve.

In May, strong waves begin to occur, making divers uncomfortable in the sea.

3. Month of Bigger Waves

The waves will be bigger and more frequent during the wave season, namely June, July, and August. Sometimes, the waves are still big until the second week of September, but the waters are gradually calming down.

Big waves can often cause divers to lose balance, and there is a high probability of being swept away by currents.

Even so, this does not interfere with diving activities because the visibility is clear, and the waves are not disturbed.

Therefore, the regional government has yet to issue a diving ban during the wave season.

4. Month of Safe Waves

To fully enjoy Papua’s beauty, you must come in a particular month when sea conditions are calm. October is the best time to visit Papua Indonesia.

You can witness the biggest Maritime festival, held for 2 to 4 days on Waigeo Island.

Some things on display at the festival are traditional boats, diving in several locations, and Papuan specialties.

Apart from participating in festivals, you can do various water sports such as snorkeling.

You can also see different types of ornamental fish, one of which is the manta ray, clearly in the underwater garden.

Another activity you can do is diving. Visit the ideal dive sites: Kri Bay, Arborek, Manta Sardy, Yenbuba, Sardines, and Mios Kon.

5. Fun Diving in November-December

The rainy season lasts from November to December. However, the intensity is still rare. It only happens at night. From morning to noon, you can do diving activities.

Besides diving, you can also watch dolphins and orca whales in action. Yenpapir Island is the best place to see the show.

Usually, dolphins start their action in the morning or evening. In addition, a bird of paradise dance takes place every 05.00-06.00 in the morning.

So if you want to vacation to Papua, make sure you come in the best month there. Let’s go on vacation to Papua. This January is the best time to visit Papua, Indonesia.

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