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Biak Island West Papua Hidden Paradise

Biak Island West Papua Hidden Paradise

When talking about the beautiful part of southern Indonesia, you cannot exclude the West Papua province. The sense of remote and protected nature makes the location filled with wonders. It including Biak island, which is one of the best yet forgotten west Papua hidden paradises. So, how good it is?
The Biak Island

Biak is known as a hot coral city due to its geological structure that is mostly made of coral. The island also has a pretty high summer-like temperature around 27-30ᵒC which can reach up to 32ᵒC. Aside from the hot area, the island is filled with ranges of charms. It is especially true for the marine life that you can swim with or enjoy as cuisine.

The charm is not only ended in the marine life. Biak island has a range of pristine beaches with white sands and crystal-clear water. Enjoying the fresh splash and the breeze help combat the scorching temperature. The green jungle and the remote island make the island one of the best West Papua Hidden Paradise to visit.

What To Do In Biak

1. Swimming In Lake Telaga Biru

If you got the time to goes deeper on the island, you will find a magical lake in the area. It is a Telaga Biru lake that is known for its azure blue water. Surrounded by the lush green forest, the bluish lake is the sight you have to witness. Admiring the location, swimming in the area, and taking some shots are the peak of activities around the lake.

2. Diving And Witness The Magical Underwater Kingdom

West Papua will never out of magical marine life. From the Cendrawasih bay to the Biak island and surrounding area, all have varying coral and an underwater sight to see. So, try to reach the Padaido Atoll as the most favorite spot for diving enthusiasts. Ranges of coral fish and a carpet of colorful coral reefs are the highlights of the West Papua Hidden Paradise.

3. Enjoy The Island

The Biak island is more than just ocean and lake. The biggest island inside Cendrawasih Bay has some historical destinations to see. One of them is Goa Jepang or Japanese cave, which is the historical place left by world war 2. There are also some other beautiful spots, such as Warsa and Karmon waterfall. It is also the best place to witness the tropical rainforest with its wildlife.

How To Get There

The Biak island used to have a direct international flight. However, it is no more available due to the focus on an international flight to Bali. In this case, the best way to reach Biak is by flying from Makassar, Nabire, or Jayapura. You can also get there by ship, which goes through Nabire – Serui – and Biak. So, choose whether you want to reach the West Papua Hidden Paradise.

Since the eastern Indonesian tourism stirred into Bali, Biak turns into one of the remote islands that is hard to reach. The low visitor and trip make the area one of the best places for a serene vacation spot. It has varying marine life, a scenic landscape, a clear calm sea, and a paradise-like place to enjoy for your summer holiday.

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