Bintuni Bay Transportation And Infrastructure Expansion To Support Industrial Sector

Bintuni Bay Transportation And Infrastructure Expansion To Support Industrial Sector

Bintuni bay is known as one of the most striving areas in the West Papua region. It was a place where many industrial firms stand tall and thrive as the region’s commodities. Some of the industries are mining, fishery, petrochemical industrial states, and many more. To support its growing potential, transportation and infrastructure development has the gain spotlight.

Big Expansion Plan In 2022

Following the area’s status as an industrial area, the local government has put priority on infrastructure development to support land, marine, and air transportation. The government also mentions that the development in 2022 will mostly prioritize the building of the new Muturi dock, Meyado airport lastly is building and improvement of roads and bridges.

Not only that, but the government also advises land 200-hectare acquisition for industrial growth in Onar Industrial village in Sumuri district. To highlight the importance of development, the government highlight that Bintuni has been the target of national investment with two strategic national projects.

Due to its situation and prospect, the West Papua government indicates that the Bintuni bay has helped human development increase these past years. The rate has increased from 62,39% to 64.00% in 2020. Bintuni Bay development also has had a huge role in improving the poverty level for years. It falls from 30,30% to 29,65%.

History Of Transport Development

The transportation and infrastructure development itself has been taking place for years ago. Some improvements are recorded and seen from the current condition in Bintuni. Some of the highlight growth in the location can be described through these three major improvements. But there are also more than barely recorded by the public.

1. 20 Land And Sea Transportation Units

In 2020, to support the sea and land transportation infrastructure, the government has committed 20 transport units. It was part of the special allocation fund from the government for local villages in Bintuni. The fund’s details reach up to 4.6 billion rupiahs which are made up of 5 units of minibusses and 15 longboats.

The units mean to support the west Papua land and water transportation. However, the procurement of the vehicles itself will be under the owner or recipient’s responsibility. It also mentioned that the government will not accept proposals for services, repair, or anything. All because the ownership and responsibility is 100% on the recipients’ hand.

2. ASDP Tofoi Dock Establishment In 2020

At the end of 2020, another development in the transportation sector was also mentioned through the ASDP Tofoi Dock establishment. It is said that the dock will be part of the ASDP or Angkutan Sungai, Danau, Penyeberangan (river and lake transportation or crossing) in Tofoi, Sumuri District. It was one of the new establishments meant to improve the local transport system.

The local government believes that the dock is not only provided better transportation but also links the area with other districts. It also creates a path between many other areas, which support the function of roads and bridges. Not only that, but the project also meant to help balance indigenous’ expense and efficiency in transport.

3. Water Taxi SUBITU In 2019

Bintuni Bay Industrial Area Continues to be Developed

Another good addition to Bintuni transportation and infrastructure is the SUBITU trans maritime, which is an indigenous community entrepreneurship development program. It mainly focuses on marine and river transportation services. It was a running program by Tangguh LNG and fully supported by the west Papua local government of Teluk Bintuni.

It is known as the river and water taxi SUBITU trans that will work as the alternative transportation for local dwellers living in the Bintuni bay coast. During the first operation, the program ran three ships units that commercially work as water taxis. The taxi route is to connect Arandai, Bintuni, Tomu, Taroi, Sebyar, Mogotira, Kalitami, and Weriagar.

Types Of Transportation In Bintuni Bay Regency

As one of the most developed areas, Bintuni is filled with several developments and transportation growth. It has a range of transport modes, including an airport to reach a regional and local area. Air transport has been one of the alternative media to support locals and goods mobilities. To support the riverscape of Bintuni, the area also has varying ports.

Some ports are completely local, which focus on mobilities including local transportation and goods. There are also huge docks that have a huge role in the Bintuni Bay and industry. While water transports are the primary model of transference, there is also road access with 1.488,36 km length.

The primary road access to the central and the other district can also access by road. It connects other west Papua areas with Bintuni by the arterial road in the area. The long road access also include road boundary to Sorong Regency, Manokwari, teluk Bintuni, Teluk Wondama, Kukurkek, Ayawasi, and many more.

As one of the primary locations in the region, Bintuni has been in constant development. Many industries and firms settle in the area, which forces local and government to hurry up transportation and infrastructure growth. Land, marine, and air transport are currently the focus of the expansion, which hopefully can improve the local economy.