Book for Papua: The Literacy Movement for West Papuan Children

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Meta: Let’s Get To Know The Book For Papua Movement And The Literacy Community To Help Children In Papua And West Papua Develop Their Literacy Skills.

The “Buku Untuk Papua (BUP)” or Book for Papua movement was founded with the idea of creating a reading and learning house.

This movement, which has been in existence since 2012 and is still growing, is one of the people of Papua and West Papua’s contributions to literacy progress. Especially in terms of instilling a love of reading in children. What is the movement all about?

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Dayu Rifanto, the founder, initially wanted to help a close friend. Longginus Pekei, a teacher and PAUD (Early Childhood Education) activist in Nabire at the time, planned to create a reading house called Rumah Baca Longgi for his community. However, his desire was hampered by the lack of supply and variety of books.

Dayu created a Twitter account called @bagi2buku to launch an initiative to gather book donations. Marco, among many other new Twitter friends, seems to respond enthusiastically. They then met and discussed the movement further. The idea that fits and aligns with the mission is to get as many people as possible to donate books to Papua.

The Role of Social Media

This movement initially concentrated on a single reading house. However, as the findings revealed that books could help increase literacy awareness, particularly among the younger generation, BUP began to be published in other cities.

Surprisingly, many people care and want to help. BUP activities are then carried on with the help of social media. Many youth movements or communities use social media to raise citizen awareness, network and create positive actions.

They launched a campaign on Twitter using a new Twitter account: @bukuntukpapua. Not only that, but they also formed a fan page on the Facebook social media platform. By the end of 2012, The Rumah Baca Panter community in Depok, West Java, donated 500 books.

Between 2013 and 2014, BUP operated in 20 cities across Java and Papua. In managing the BUP movement, they established a forum for a community concerned about Papuan education, networked in various cities throughout Indonesia. So far, the social activities funding is provided by individual and corporate donations.

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Dayu and friends passionate about education in Papua and West Papua finally established a foundation to oversee BUP activities. They created the Asah Diri program to keep supporting the establishment of reading rooms in the land of Papua. It is a training and development program whose profits will support BUP activities.

Book for Papua community has collaborated with various parties to organize numerous training topics through the Asah Diri program. It is hoped that the programs will assist in developing literacy in Papua and West Papua.

Various training activities are designed for teachers and education community activists who accompany their students in formal and informal classes and encourage them to love reading and writing. Some, such as storytelling and writing classes, are oriented toward Papuan children.

Kelas Cerdas Program


Book for Papua also has a Kelas Cerdas: A monthly BUP activity that brings people together to meet, learn, share, and network while raising funds for children’s books.

Kelas Cerdas, in a nutshell, is a free learning program for anyone who wants to share their knowledge. Each attendee will bring at least one book to donate. They will then distribute the collected books to deserving reading houses in Papua and West Papua and other reading homes where the BUP community is located.

About the Founder


Dayu Rifanto is a community activist, teacher, trainer, and facilitator. This Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta and Diponegoro University alumnus has over 15 years of experience in banking, non-bank financial institutions, HR consultants, production management consultants, health foundations, and university lecturing.

His father was a teacher in Nabire. In 1970, his family moved to Papua. He was born in Nabire and raised there. After graduating from high school, he continued his studies in Yogyakarta and worked in Jakarta.

In 2012, while in Yogyakarta, he founded “Buku Untuk Papua,” which initially raised book donations for his best friend from Nabire, a teacher there. The campaign then raised funds for reading books for approximately 60 reading rooms and reading gardens in various communities and schools throughout Papua.

He and his family decided to stay and work in Sorong, West Papua, at the end of 2018. In Sorong, he has not only established a children’s library called Pinjam Pustaka, but he has also opened a social enterprise training that engages and develops young people.

The Book for Papua Now

The BUP Movement is currently expanding rapidly. Furthermore, every month on the 17th, they make it a free book delivery day throughout Indonesia.

Following the success of the Book for Papua, Dayu, Suhardi Aras from Rumah Kata, and Nur Hayyu and his colleagues have formed a literacy community in Sorong city, West Papua. The literacy community encourages children to love reading and holds several writing workshops by bringing in several well-known book writer mentors from Jakarta.