Bosnik Beach West Papua Hidden Paradise

Bosnik Beach West Papua Hidden Paradise

What can you expect from the hidden gem reside in southern Indonesia, West Papua? Aside from the magical underwater marine life, you will also find a range of beaches. One of the most beautiful west Papua hidden paradises that is worth visiting is Pantai Bosnik. Located in Biak, the pristine area is the sight you have to see at least once in your life.

The Beauty Of Bosnik Beach

The popularity of Bosnik beach is starting to reach a wide range of tourists. It is one of the best natural tourist destinations in Biak, which is never out of beauty. So, what kind of beauty it is? As a coastal beach destination, the panoramic environment is the main highlight. White sand, blue sky, and clear water are the best in the area.

The area is also known as the honeymoon location. Due to the hotel infrastructure and the beautiful sunset, the Bosnik beach has become the staple tourist destination from Biak. It also has a lot more charm, especially for those who enjoy water attractions. The west Papua hidden paradise offers a range of activities to enjoy the seawater and witness its marine life beauty.

What To Do

1. Sightseeing

Nothing can beat a sightseeing scene on the beach. And that is what you need to do in Bosnik Beach. The location is pretty much loved due to its mesmerizing landscape. Taking a rest at the soft white sand while enjoying the breezy wind, is ideal for city people. The blue crystal-like water and the never-ending horizon are the peaks of your picturesque image.

2. Snorkeling

If you are looking for a different point of view, tasting the water and witness the scenic marine life is never be wrong. Take your time to enjoy the water in this west Papua hidden paradise. You can also rent snorkel gear and get the nautical object splayed underwater. Don’t hesitate to enjoy the seascape, it is a place that is hardly found in different places.

3. Sports

When bored of gusty wind and stunning views, you can enjoy the rest time with some sports. Since the location is loved by locals, the beach is now filled with some attractions. There are water sports or even beach sports, such as beach volley. Again the location will be a suitable place for relaxation, some adventure, and sweat.

Location And Travel

Bosnik Beach West Papua Hidden Paradise

Located around 5 km from Biak city, the beach is not too far from the center of the location. It makes most of the visitors are local. However, it is also good news for foreign tourists since it has easier access than other west Papua hidden paradises. It also has nearby hotels, which again fulfill all of your holiday needs in west Papua.

Being part of the hidden paradise, you can expect the best scenery and sighting on Bosnik beach. The pure white sand, glistening water, and the crystal clear sea are the peak of Bosnik. Coastal tourism is starting to bloom. It has hotels to stay, and the location is not too far from Biak City. Make sure you spare your time to enjoy the coastal beauty of Biak.