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Bowerbird Architects, Flying Architects from Papua

Bowerbird Architects

Bowerbird Architects – Bowerbirds are in the Ptilonorhynchidae family.

In Indonesia alone, there are eight types of bowerbirds which are also endemic to Papua. Bowerbird architects are the other side of this tiny animal.

Know the Physical of Bowerbird

Bowerbird has varying body sizes according to each species. The smallest in size is the golden bowerbird (Prionodura newtoniana).

Its body length is only about 22 centimeters, and the largest is the great bowerbird (Chlamydera nuchalis) which reaches approximately 40 centimeters in length.

The bowerbird feeds on insects, flowers, nectar, fruits, and vegetables. Even in Australia, satin and spotted bowerbirds are often considered pest birds.

Because these birds often eat fruit or vegetables that are being harvested.

To attract the attention of the opposite sex, male bowerbirds must have expertise.

They must be good at waving or dancing to attract the female bird. Generally, this will be done if the female bird visits the nest for the second time.

The Uniqueness of Bowerbird Architects

There are many uniqueness of this bird, both male and female birds. The uniqueness of this bird can be seen in its very unique dating behavior.

Luxurious Bowerbird architects with a unique shape and inside can be found with various brightly colored items.

This ability is done to attract the heart of a potential partner.

It’s not only humans who approach seducing and preparing comfortable housing capital to propose to a partner. Bowerbirds also own this habit.

Usually, objects with bright colors, especially blue, are often the favorite as decorations, and it takes days for bowerbirds to complete their designs.

Then, female bowerbirds will choose which male nest they think is the most attractive and finally live together in the love nests.

They create uniquely nests consisting of a variety of materials found, such as twigs, leaves, insects, and even items from humans or trash, such as coins, bottle caps, and buttons.

Usually, this unique bird’s nest is call a bower or bungalow. Because of that, the birds of this family are call bowerbirds.

Bowerbird Distribution

The distribution area of bowerbird is between the Austro-Papua region. Over all there are 17 species, and eight of them are in Indonesia.

As a result of its limited distribution area, it often gives rise to the assumption that the birds living in Papua are related to the birds of paradise. However, research shows that the two are not related.

The distribution of this bowerbird is mostly in Papua and northern Australia.

Generally, the habitat is in tropical rainforests. Apart from that, meadows or mangrove forests are also often the habitat of bowerbirds.

The Ability of Male Bower Architects

Bowerbird architects can design their nests to be beautiful like architects. Normally, every other bird would build a nest in a tree using made twigs.

However, it is different with bowerbirds. Instead of being in a tree, bowerbirds make and decorate their nests on the ground.

The love nests made by bowerbirds has a dome shape with a wide and comfortable space for them to take shelter.

Like an architect, around their nest area, they will also build decorations that are design as attractive as possible.

Usually, the decorations are make from various objects in the surrounding environment.

We are starting from used drink bottle caps, seeds, dried fruit peel shards, and bark to leaves of various colors. They arrange it in such a way that it looks very beautiful and neat.

All that they collect will be design in such a way as to make a nest that attracts attention.

One thing that needs to be underline, the species that always act as bowerbird architects and can design nests is the male bowerbird, not the female.

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