Breathtaking Gems: Why You Should Visit West Papua

West Papua

Indonesia is mostly known for having Bali as its most beautiful tourism spot. The island is offering magnificent natural sceneries from beaches, cliffs, to waterfalls. They also own unique cultural traditions that make people amazed and curious. However, Indonesia is not all about Bali.

Besides Bali, Indonesia also has West Papua. Nowadays, many tourists know the scenic and captivating nature along with its various and striking culture. So, have you been collected a list of why you should go to this province? We’ll help you to add up the tourism spots in West Papua listing with these breathtaking gems.

  • Cenderawasih Bay National Park

West Papua

You can visit Cenderawasih Bay National Park, approximately five hours from the capital city of West Papua, Manokwari. The Cenderawasih Bay is known for its island clusters consisting of Mioswaar, Nusrowi, Roon, Rumberpon, and Yoop Islands. With almost 90% of it being the ocean, this anchorage is said to be the largest in Indonesia.

This national park is a paradise for every diver because it preserves a variety of marine life. Tourists can find endangered turtles, dolphins, sharks, and blue whales. There is also Tanjung Mangguar, a relic of ancient times. In Tanjung Mangguar, you will meet an underwater cave and relics from the 18th century. 

  • Karmon Waterfall

West Papua

Karmon Waterfall is in North Biak. If you know Kanto Lampo Waterfall in Gianyar Bali, this waterfall might remind you of it. With a height of 30 meters, the Karmon waterfall doesn’t pour directly from the top but through a stone wall with steps. This shower is nothing but magical and exceptional.

Even though this tourism spot in West Papua is located a bit far from Biak City, you only need to walk 100 meters once you arrive at the location. The best time to explore this hidden gem is in the morning.

  • Doreri Bay

West Papua

Another paradise spot for diving fanatics is this Doreri Bay. Doreri Bay has three small islands: Mansinam Island, Lemon Island, and Raimuti Island near Arfai Beach. Besides hiding a beautiful and unique collection of coral reefs, Doreri is popular with its shipwreck from World War II. 

For that, Doreri Bay becomes one of the best sites for the type of wrecks in Indonesia. There are more than twenty shipwrecks that are estimated sunk, with six wrecks can be seen clearly. Among those six shipwrecks are the Pillbox Wreck and Mupi Wreck (commercial cargo ships Cross carrying ammunition) and the Cross Wreck (a patrol boat). 

  • Tapurarang Archaeological Site

West Papua

Tourism spots in this province don’t only offer spectacular natural sites but also a rich and unique culture. The locals preserve many spots showing their ancient heritage because they have high respect for their ancestors. One of the legacy sites to astonish you is Tapurarang.

In Tapurarang, you might meet some goosebumps experiences because there are plenty of traces of human blood and animal palms on the rocks. These traces came from prehistoric times that had existed for hundreds of years. Tapurarang is located in Kokas, Fak Fak known for its beautiful mangrove forests. Here, you will meet various types of birds, ranging from herons to paradise.

  • Framu Lake

West Papua

Another hidden paradise in West Papua is Framu Lake, located in Ayamaru City, Maybrat Regency, about 216 kilometers west of Sorong City. To reach Ayamuru from Sorong, you can take public transportation for a four to five hours ride. You can also rent a motorcycle in Sorong if you wish to be more practical.

By the time you reach this destination, you will be amazed by the clear and blue water that has never been polluted. You can even see your reflection on the water’s surface of Framu Lake.

  • Baliem Valley

West Papua

The Baliem Valley is a valley in the Jayawijaya Mountains. Even though it is called a valley, Baliem is located at an altitude of 1600 masl and is surrounded by mountains with an average temperature of 10-15 degrees Celsius at night. That is why when you visit Baliem Valley, you will be spoiled by the cool and refreshing air along with its magical view.

Besides those two, Baliem Valley also has something else to offer. This breathtaking spot is home to several indigenous Papuan tribes, such as the Yali, Lani, and Dani tribes. In August, you will have a chance to witness the Baliem Valley Cultural Festival, colossal attractions of epic tribal wars.

If so far people don’t consider tourism spots in West Papua as the must-visit places, it changes now. West Papua turns to have lots to offer. Besides the six hidden gems mentioned above, there are so many other paradises in this province. Some of them are, of course, a very well-known Raja Ampat, Kwatisore Bay, Misool Island, Bald Mountain in Momi Waren district, and Arfak Mountains.