Can the Tourism Sector Surpass Mining as West Papua Capital Income?

West Papua Capital

West Papua Capital

Mining is the main sector in West Papua, followed by tourism in second place. However, there are indications that tourism can become a prominent West Papua capital. Why did it happen? Please continue reading to discover more!

Tourism Can Surpass Mining as West Papua Capital Income

The tourism sector as West Papua capital income can be realized if the government succeeds in executing the development plan which consists of three aspects, as follows:

Green Investment

Through this policy, the community and investors were boosted to manage and take advantage of resource potential. By three economic strategies, they ensure its sustainable quality and quantity.

It is specifically implemented from 2020 with leverage the investment roadmap as the guidance. As a result, both the investors and the community do intensive coordination in managing the resource potentials.

To stimulate public welfare during a pandemic, this policy is indeed the proper alternative method. The utilization of regional superior potential is optimized. Thus, the community’s economy is expected to rejuvenate in a short period.

HR Development

Quality human resources who are experts in their fields can support physical growth. The programs are realized through bridges, schools, hospitals, highways, irrigation, dams, factories, and other significant projects.

If their number does not meet the needs, then the physical growth will be out of expectation as the production and the material are wasted and its quality is deficient.

Economists argue that the lack of investment in human capital is the cause of slow development. The total working population in West Papua is, the majority 28.87 percent have graduated from elementary school (139,629 people). The other 23.83 percent (115,270 people) have a high school diploma and 16.25 percent (78,589 people) have finished junior high.

HR development shows an upgrade every year although still cannot beat other regions. However, it is a good initial achievement to realize a capital income plan in tourism.

Tourism Development

The common challenges faced in West Papua tourism development relates to adequate support services,.They are clean water, network communications, sewage treatment, and financial planning.

Among the strategies that can be done by the government, it covers service quality improvement in several aspects related to the transportation, waste treatment, travel insurance, banking, telecommunication network, organizing certification of HR tourism, and security journey.

Natural Potential that Supports Tourism as West Papua Capital Income

Raja Ampat has an area of ​​around 4.6 hectares and has been named an underwater tourism paradise. The highest achievements occurred in 2015 and 2017 where CNN recorded it as the best diving or diving site in the world.

Even though the majority of visitors are divers, those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of the landscape are very possible. A number of white sand beaches to relax and see the amazing diversity of endemic flora and fauna, are attractive options for your memorable visit and give the contribution to West Papua capital.

Don’t miss the traditional culture and unique culinary delights in Raja Ampat. It’s best if you make such an interaction with the local society to gain more information regarding this matter since some can only be found at certain events.

Meanwhile, Teluk Cenderawasih National Park is the largest marine tourist destination. You can find more than 150 species of 15 family coral reefs scattered on the shores of 18 large and small islands. It also has prosperous fish species that reach approximately 209 kinds.

The Conclusion

The government’s plan to turn tourism into West Papua capital income has systematic steps to surpass the mining sector. What do you think the result will be?