West Papua: Traditional Weapons and Arts

Slug: west papua weapons and arts West Papua also has its traditional weapons and arts like any other region in Indonesia. Find out more about their cultures and prepare to be amazed.   Papua […]


Besides Bringing Candies, Here Are Other Things You Should Know Before Visiting Baliem Valley in Papua

There are some things you should know before visiting Baliem Valley in Papua, such as reporting to the local official, showing respect, and anticipating extreme weather. Slug: things-you-should-know-before-visiting-baliem-valley-papua The tourism in Papua and West […]


Here Are 4 Sacred Sites Among Dani Tribes in Baliem Valley

Dani Tribes Have Sacred Sites Among Dani Tribes In Baliem Valley, West Papua Called Wakunmo, Wusanma, Wima-Bunasili, And Wikimono, Wileboma, Sinoma. Slug: sacred-sites-among-dani-tribes-in-baliem-valley Every ethnic group has its uniqueness, characteristics, and beliefs. In Indonesia, […]


Papua’s Japanese Cave for Tourism

Meta description: The name of the tourist site is Japanese Cave, but it is in Biak Numfor District, Papua. Why is that the case? What lies inside this historical site? Slug: Japanese-cave-west-papua When somebody […]