Cendrawasih Bay West Papua Hidden Paradise

Cendrawasih Bay West Papua Hidden Paradise

Located in the southern part of Indonesia, the West Papua province is a location filled with hidden gems and beauty. Cendrawasih bay is one of them. It is a north-facing bay sandwiched between the central Papua and the birds’ head peninsular. Due to its location, the west Papua hidden paradise is also known as the best diving area. Why so? Here are the details.

The Rich Marine Environment

One of the charms of the Cendrawasih bay is the rich marine life. The massive body of water I the home of ranging underwater kingdoms and some large islands. One thing that makes the location a national park is due to the biodiverse world, consisting the marine life, coral reef, and plants. The park record around 150 species of coral and 200 species of fish living in the area.

An amazing point of the bay is the coral reef ecosystem is part of the coral triangle region. It means the underwater area is among the richest place in the world. As you dive in the bay, you can see live coral coverage variation that ranges between 30-40% to 64-65%. The west Papua hidden paradise is also home to varying coral fishes and huge species.

You can find some of the endemic fishes and coral fish schools, such as clownfish, parrotfish, damselfish, butterflyfish, and sharks. Four species of turtle were seen in the bay. The marine life also includes species of mollusks, such as Lambis, giant clam, etc. But among the best attraction, whale sharks is the best one.

Whale sharks are continuously spotted around the bay, especially near Nabire. One pretty unique thing is the fact that the shark whales are in Cendrawasih bay all year round. It is a phenomenon that is far different from the usual whale shark encounters. The bay also has a floating fishing platform, which tends to be a place to interact with gigantic fish.

The Inland Beauty And Wildlife

Cendrawasih Bay West Papua Hidden Paradise

Even though the west Papua hidden paradise is popular with its marine life, but the inland attraction is also a great place to look at. The island tropical forest and mangrove ecosystem are about 5% of the areas that are home to some endemic animals. The native culture, culinary, and charm are also part of the tourism interest. Some islands also have beautiful nature destinations such as a waterfall or thermal springs.

Location And Transportation

Located quite far from the mainland, you will need to spend around 7 hours traveling by boat. The way to reach the location runs about 2-3 times a week. It starts from Nabire, or you can start from Manokwari to reach Rumberpon island. The west Papua hidden paradise is quite isolated to accommodate the natural habitat.

As one of the hidden gems in West Papua, the location itself is a national park. The vast water coverage inhibits a great range of coral species. It also has hundreds of fish species as well as a plant on the islands. One of the greatest attractions is the whale shark. Tourists can enjoy the inland and marine beauty in this hidden paradise.