Coal Grunter, The Little Black Hunted Fish of Papua

coal grunter

Coal GrunterPapua seems never to be separated from its charm. Not only the landscape but also the diversity of fauna. One of them is the coal grunter.

This type of blackfish is much hunted and is indeed commonly found in Papuan waters.

Get to know Coal Grunter

As a predatory fish, the Papuan carbo is as famous as the arwana, peacock bass or oscar. However, fish that in Indonesia can only be found in the waters of the Papua rivers have extraordinary appeal.

The floral accent, a distinctive feature on its body, makes carbo papua worthy of being the target of predatory fish collectors because the fish is still relatively rare in the market.

Papua carbo fish has aggressive facial characteristics. As it looks, the temperament of the fish with the Latin name Hephaestus carbo is also aggressive when placed in a tank.

Often carbo ‘bullies’ other fish that are too passive.

Because of that, he is suitable to be a tankmate for fish that are too passive. Even so, it also fits into battle with fish with aggressive characters.

For the primary colour, Carbo Papua is dominated by black. On top of the black colour, there are patterns like flower petals which are generally yellowish.

Similar to an Oscar fish which is also full of designs like flowers.

Papua Coal Treatment

Caring for Carbo Papua is simple. Despite its status as a predator, the fish is not a particular feed type. He can eat everything, from small fish, and shrimp, to ordinary food such as pellets.

These types of feed can be used alternately. In addition, Papuan carbo fish are known to be okay with water. These fish can survive in tank water conditions in general.

Even standard filtered water is sufficient, but it must be replaced periodically.

Carbo Papua has yet to become popular among fish hobbyists. Some references regarding suitable tankmates for this fish may still be lacking. However, this fish is fascinating to collect.

Coal Grunter Price Size

This Papuan Carbo fish is a type of middle swimmer and territory swimmer. The movement of this fish is quite agile and relatively brave even when approached by humans.

Because the pattern on its body resembles a flower, this fish also has another name, datz kembang.

Because of this unique pattern, the price of coal grunt fish is sometimes unreasonable.

This tiny fish has dramatically attracted the hearts of collectors. Thus, the price also skyrocketed and even reached millions of rupiah.

Indeed, the price is relatively high. For a size of about 18 centimetres, the cost of this fish in the market is IDR 800 thousand‒ IDR 1 million.

Even though this is Papuan carbo fish, the largest size is only about 25‒30 centimetres.

This fish is local, but it is rare for someone to want to be caught. Because of that, only a few people still play Carbo Papua. The rarity of these enthusiasts is also a determining factor in price.

The Habitats

The high price of Papua carbo fish arises from a great fan. In Indonesia, this fish can only be found in Papua.

Meanwhile, in other areas, coal grunts can be found in the waters of northeastern Australia.

Many tourists or fish enthusiasts are willing to take the time to go to the waters of Papua to look for this flower-patterned fish.

Coal grunter fish may be endangered. Moreover, the habitat is limited by high hunting due to high prices.

As citizens of Indonesia, we should take part in protecting the wealth of this unique Papuan fauna. Coal grunter fish may still be found today.

But one day, it may disappear from the waters.