Comparing the Border Posts of West Papua and Papua New Guinea

Border Posts of West Papua
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Each border posts in the worlds have their characteristics and uniqueness. Several areas are adjacent to other countries in Indonesia, such as Kalimantan and Sarawak, Malaysia, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Timor Leste, and West Papua and Papua New Guinea. 

The border post in West Papua that is next to Papua New Guinea is Pos Lintas Batas Negara (PLBN) Terpadu Skouw. PLBN Skouw is located in Muara Tami district, Jayapura. To learn more about two PLBN that stand next to each other, here is the comparison between the border posts in West Papua and Papua New Guinea.


Border Post in West Papua

Border Posts of West Papua
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Pos Lintas Batas Negara (PLBN) Terpadu Skouw is one of the Indonesian borders directly close to Papua New Guinea. PLBN Skouw and Papua New Guinea’s Vanimo border post face each other. The two border crossings are separated by their respective border gates and the neutral area between the gates. At this crossing point, there are still many people passing by.

Thanks to the rapid infrastructure development in Papua and West Papua province, PLBN Skouw is now looking very grand. The design of this crossing post itself adapts the local Papuan culture, a traditional house called Tangfa, the use of local instruments, and also green building concept.

People coming from Papua New Guinea will first see a big gate on the Indonesian border and two other big gates. The gates are not only towering but also eye-catching. The red-and-white color represents the Indonesian flag. You will see a big Garuda logo right in the middle while Indonesia flags are waving with pride on the left and right sides of the gates.

PLBN Skouw was built on land with a total area of 10.7 hectares. The whole building area reaches 7,619 square meters and is divided into several zones. When passing through the gates, soldiers swiftly guard the boundary. You can also spot a very tall lighthouse. From the lighthouse, you will be able to see the beautiful land of West Papua.


Border Post in Papua New Guinea

Across PLBN Skouw, you will see Vanimo border post. If you only wish to visit the crossing area, you don’t need to show a passport. Overall, the border post belonging to Papua New Guinea is so much simpler than PLBN Skouw. In the border gates, you will see many people selling clothes written PNG on it.

A welcome note was attached in the gate section, saying, “Welcome to Papua New Guinea International Border.” The unique part is, on the right sight of Vanimo territory, there is an enormous red-and-white cell phone network tower.

The tower belongs to the Indonesian government’s State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) but stands tall in Papua New Guinea’s territory. Furthermore, you can see the terminal at the border. The terminal is very simple and unornamented. Some freight cars are parked there, and many people are passing by.

When visiting this border post, visitors can enjoy the beautiful Vanimo beach nearby. Visitors from Indonesia will be charged Rp10.000,00 to see from a strategic spot. And yes, they receive rupiahs in the border post. If you wish to go further to Papua New Guinea, you will need a passport and visa. 

That is all about the comparison between the border posts in West Papua and Papua New Guinea. Which one do you think is most interesting? PLBN Skouw now reaches Jayapura city faster thanks to Youtefa Bridge or most popular as Holtekamp Bridge.